Your Two Weekend Warriors Share a Weekend – GigGab 79

Dave's View from behind The HouserockersIt finally happened: Dave and Paul played the gigs together that they’ve been discussing for the past few episodes. As always there are lessons that were learned, stories to tell, and sometimes both are about the same thing! Listen as these two weekend warriors share their shared weekend with all of you!


Chapters include:

00:00:00 GigGab 79

00:01:04 Big Ears

00:05:06 Beginning of the Trip

00:06:10 It all began with wine

00:10:58 Heading to the gig

00:17:59 Your sound is your style

00:20:36 Sorting out the time

00:23:04 Finding the groove

00:26:24 What is Hip?

00:34:17 Sunday – We (ain’t) Got The Power!

00:40:42 GG Outtro

Embracing Intensity and Lessons from the Pros – GigGab 78

drummer-intensePaul and Dave are in the final stages of their shared gig prep, but take a detour today to talk about all the other projects they each have going on and the value of embracing intensity. Then it’s time to look to the pros and learn some lessons about requests and stage presence. As if we thought honing our craft on our instruments was enough, that’s only the beginning!

Confident vs. Overconfident Subbing – GigGab 77

substituteDave’s coming out to sub for The Houserockers in a couple of weeks, so it’s time for him and Paul to chat through some of the details required to ensure a good gig. Equipment, dress code, charts and confidence are the topics discussed today, and it’s a good one! On top of that, listener Kevin has a question about how much input and influence a subbing drummer should exert. Dave and Paul have slightly differing approaches to answering this particular question. Don’t worry, it’s only a little awkward! Buckle up, press play and enjoy the ride.

Outdoor Summer Gigs, Musical Inspirations & Uninvited Stage Visitors – GigGab 76

cartoon-rock-starsPaul curses Dave by revisiting the subject of People Behaving Badly™, this time with the twist of discussing folks who feel the need to join your band (or any band!) on stage without invitation. Before getting into that, though, your two favorite weekend warriors discuss the joys of playing outdoor summer festivals, and why you might want to do that with your band. Finally, have you ever gone to see a band and been so inspired that you want to change everything about the way you do what you do? You’re not alone!

The Energy Required To Be Intimate – GigGab 75

Today, Paul and Dave address the question a new bandleader asks about getting things started. As you might expect, your two favorite Weekend Warriors have a differing set of opinions on this, and that makes for a good podcast! First, though, it’s about how much energy it takes to play a “simple” acoustic gig. Keeping the crowd engaged is always an effort, and as a musician you’re constantly reminded of just how necessary that effort is. Hear Paul and Dave talk about all this and more!

Whose Mistakes Most Often Turn Into Trainwrecks? – GigGab 74

music-staff-mistakePaul and Dave come together today to ponder the subject of responsibility, and that leads to discussing which instrument bears the most responsibility for keeping the train on the tracks. A thoughtful, spirited discussion ensues, and your two favorite Weekend Warriors find they’re on common ground. Drummers, you might not be happy with Dave today! Before that, though, Paul talks through his All-Star Band gig this past weekend, and Dave talks about continually retraining his brain. Enjoy!

Abbey Road and All-Star Bands – GigGab 73

Abbey-Road-Studio1-MixerDave’s back from a tour of Abbey Road Studios and Paul’s in the final stages of pulling together his latest All-Star Band project, which means your two Weekend Warriors have a lot to talk about. Listen to hear all about all of this… and more!

It Pays to Leave Your Comfort Zone – GigGab 72

couch-and-guitarAs it often happens, today’s show starts and stems from the gigs your two favorite weekend warriors have played … and seen! Paul and Dave talk about some of the recent lessons they’ve learned performing and watching, and it all seems to center around finding your way out of your comfort zone. Dedication, determination, schtick, persistence, musicianship and focus are all parts of it. Always be performing!

Robert Berry Talks Carl Palmer, Steve Howe, Keith Emerson … and Cheerleader Camp! – GigGab 71

robert_berry_1200Robert Berry‘s musical career has followed his passion, and that’s led to him playing and collaborating with some of the best musicians on the planet. A true journeyman, he’s got some fantastic stories to tell, and that’s what we all love here on GigGab. Listen to the interview to hear Robert talk about getting an out-of-the-blue call from Carl Palmer, having that first lunch with Keith Emerson, sitting on the side of the stage watching The Who play to small audiences, collaborating with Steve Howe and playing at Cheerleader Camp! Throughout it all, it’s obvious that Robert stays true to who he is, and obviously loves it all.

Band Banners, Backing Tracks and In-Ears, all from the Mailbag! – GigGab 70

musical_letterYou filled up the mailbag, Paul and Dave dig in and answer your questions. Listen today to hear your two favorite weekend warriors answer your questions about money, in-ears, hanging banners, backing tracks and much, much more!