About Gig Gab

Welcome to Gig Gab—the podcast sanctuary for working musicians and anyone fascinated by the vibrant, often unseen world behind every note played on stage. Whether you’re a musician, a member of the crew, or just someone who loves peeking behind the curtain to discover the secrets of live performances, you’ve found your tribe.

At Gig Gab, we believe that the stories that don’t quite make the cut at neighborhood gatherings become the legends that fuel the music industry’s heart late into the night, especially in the mystique of the Green Room. If tales of the unexpected, tips that elevate performances, and insider knowledge from the music industry are what you crave, Gig Gab promises to deliver this and more, every single week.

Hosted by the incredibly versatile Dave Hamilton, each episode of Gig Gab dives deep into the essence of gig life. From riveting gig stories that define careers to practical advice that can change the course of your next performance, Gig Gab stands at the intersection of entertainment and education for the musically inclined. Through engaging conversations with both the heroes of weekend gigs and the legends of the music world, this podcast is a treasure trove of insights, aimed at empowering musicians navigating the thrilling complexities of the industry.

About Dave Hamilton

Dave Hamilton, with his drumsticks in hand, has not only mastered the rhythm of music but also the beat of engaging podcasting. As a seasoned musician who continues to perform with his bands, Bitter Pill and Fling, across New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts, Dave brings a rich palette of musical styles to every performance. His passion for drumming is matched only by his enthusiasm for podcasting and technology.

As a co-founder of The Mac Observer (acquired in 2021) and BackBeat Media, and a co-host of other popular podcasts like Mac Geek Gab (since 2005) and Business Brain, Dave embodies the spirit of a multifaceted career. His dedication to sharing knowledge, fostering connections, and building a community around his passions has made him a beloved figure in both the music and tech worlds.

Who is Paul Kent?

Paul Kent, the co-founder of Gig Gab alongside Dave, has been an instrumental part of the show’s journey since its inception in 2015. Though Paul stepped back in 2023 due to scheduling conflicts with his day job, his spirit and contributions continue to resonate within the podcast. Paul’s occasional returns to Gig Gab are a testament to his lasting bond with Dave and the show’s community. His insights, stories, and camaraderie are forever enshrined in the Gig Gab archives, ready to inspire new generations of musicians and music enthusiasts.

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