Listen and Learn – Gig Gab Podcast 144

New sound for your band, new thoughts from your band members, even new sound for the show. Yep, the theme for this episode is, most undoubtedly, Listen and Learn.

First we share a comment about getting sound on stage just right and – no surprise here – it’s all about listening. Then we talk through Paul’s drummer replacement process. There was a message loud and clear there, too. Dave shares a lesson about listening to his fellow band members, and realizing that you’re not always hearing what you think you’re hearing!

Lastly, but not leastly, there’s new sound for the podcast itself, too… and some mid-show tweaks are necessary to dial it in. It’s ALL about listening, including Paul’s dog who has something to say, as well.

Download, press play and – you guessed it – Listen and Learn!


  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 144 – Monday, December 11, 2017
  • 00:01:37 Andy-Gig Gab 142-Regarding Volume
  • 00:07:40 The goal of good sound is to be able to have instrument
  • 00:14:18 Bryan-Have the drummer auditions happened?
  • 00:18:04 The audition prep process from the band’s perspective
    • “Somewhere between pissed and frustrated”
  • 00:23:10 “Am I the right guy?”
  • 00:27:52 Learning how to listen to your fellow bandmates
  • 00:32:37 Exercises in communication
  • 00:37:54 What do you love?
  • 00:38:44 Paul’s Local Musicians Hangout!
  • 00:40:57 GG Outtro

Pitch is Non-Negotiable – Gig Gab Podcast 143

When it comes to being a singer, pitch is fundamental to doing it right. But that’s not all there is, and your two Weekend Warriors (and still-working-at-it-every-day singers!) talk through their respective journeys of gaining confidence and functionality in front of the microphone. But first, it’s time to talk about making music your life. It’s like two episodes in one, and Paul and Dave share their thoughts about making a living primarily through music. Could you bring yourself to do it? Listen in and cogitate while your two music geeks talk, then share your thoughts in the comments below or send an email to – Always be performing, folks!


Let’s Have The Volume Conversation – Gig Gab Podcast 142

Your band is too loud. Ever heard that before? You’ve probably heard it at every type of gig imaginable. Is it your fault? Yes, it’s yours. Not just you, but not just your band, either. Yep, it’s time… Paul and Dave have The Volume Conversation. Are they honest enough? Only you can be the judge! Listen, learn, and then let ’em have it. Email to let them know what you think!


  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 142 – Wednesday, November 29, 2017
  • 00:01:10 Mystical, Mysterious, Ethereal Conceptual Talk About Volume
    • “I’m a drummer and therefore I’m guilty”
    • “I’m a guitar player and therefore I’m accused”
  • 00:03:14 Inside vs. Outside
  • 00:04:09 Getting your sound before the gig starts
    • Drummers! Experiment with loosening your snares
  • 00:06:43 Get underneath the vocals
  • 00:08:18 Balancing with everyone else on stage
  • 00:10:03 Learn how to engineer your band
  • 00:13:01 Starting the night the right way
  • 00:17:25 Listen to the stage
  • 00:19:23 Retrain yourself!
  • 00:20:43 Drummers and self-awareness
  • 00:22:37 When the drummer can be your friend
  • 00:26:04 Learn how your instrument needs to fit inside the mix
  • 00:30:25 Volume is a multi-headed monster
  • 00:32:40 GG 142 Outtro

A Musical Thanksgiving – Gig Gab Podcast 141

It’s a thankful time of year, and Paul and Dave have many things to be thankful for. At least five things each, as a matter of fact. Listen to them talk through their lists, offering color and perspective for one another and, ultimately, well… I think you know where this one goes. Press play and enjoy! Always be performing, folks!


Who is Your Band’s MacGuyver? – Gig Gab Podcast 140

First, your two favorite Weekend Warriors talk through creating your own event by answering Kevin’s “What is FLINGFest?” question. This opens up many avenues for Paul and Dave to discuss, and that takes them and you on a journey. For any other podcast that would be enough, but not GigGab. After this, it’s time to talk about equipment problems. Taboo subject, yes, but it’s a necessary one and there’s no fear here. What do you do to prevent equipment issues, and how prepared are you for dealing with them in the moment? All this is discussed, too. It’s like two episodes in one!


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 140 – Wednesday, November 15, 2017
  • 00:02:06 Kevin-What is FLINGFest?
  • 00:06:53 Define the vibe and the intent
  • 00:08:14 Finding a space
  • 00:09:17 “Four-walling” a gig
  • 00:11:37 Paul’s (now-recurring!) Tom Petty Tribute night
  • 00:15:32 Infrastructure matters
  • 00:18:03 Risks beyond your financial investment
  • 00:19:56 Know your audience and your mission
  • 00:21:29 Joe Sharino Band
  • 00:25:36 Don’t compete on price
  • 00:28:00 Manage perceptions
  • 00:29:36 What is a professional band?
  • 00:30:06 Proactively replacing gear
  • 00:36:17 Drum hardware reliability
  • 00:38:39 Having a MacGuyver in your band
  • 00:41:15 Distilling down the important parts and faking the rest
  • 00:45:20 Any line could be the most important line to someone watching
  • 00:48:28 Your job: learn how to identify the important parts of a song!
  • 00:51:04 Thanksgiving coming up!
  • 00:51:47 GG 140 Outtro

Technology, Organization, and Protecting Your Hearing – Gig Gab Podcast 139

picture of various earplugs with a big ear mold in the center. Text says: Technology, Organization, and Protecting your Hearing. Gig Gab Podcast 139It’s time to dig into the mechanics a bit. First, technology. How much is too much, or is there such a thing? Paul and Dave discuss. Then a bit into organizing shows for the best chances at success, even when you don’t get to rehearse as much as you’d like… or at all. Finally, listener David (no relation!) asks about earplugs… and Dave and Paul have answers!


Are You In It For The Money? – Gig Gab Podcast 138

Paul and Dave take on the important – and highly-sensitive – subject of what makes a real artist. Are you in it for the money? Does that matter? What message does it send to your fellow musicians and community if you communicate that message publicly? Paul and Dave discuss. Then a related discussion: what is the definition of a professional musician? That one gets discussed, too, by your two favorite weekend warriors on this week’s Gig Gab. Press Play… and enjoy!


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 138 – Monday, October 30, 2017
  • 00:01:06 Under-rehearsing as a function of logistics!
  • 00:06:23 Recreating those 80s sounds
    • How much of the original tune really matters?
  • 00:07:29 I’m not in it for the money!
  • 00:10:09 There’s always someone that wants the money for your gig
  • 00:13:23 Earning money for a gig is a responsibility
  • 00:15:26 Is a starving artist more of an artist than one who succeeds?
  • 00:20:32 FB-Richard-When are you a “pro” musician?
    • Definitions: Artistic Professional vs. Financial Professional
  • 00:25:27 GG 138 Outtro

Washing the Dirty Laundry of the Music Business – Gig Gab 137

Paul and Dave talk through what happens when you spend some social capital and air your dirty laundry… because Paul did this recently … and so did Dave! What are the risks, what are the rewards, and what are the unintended consequences? Listen as your two favorite weekend warriors chat it through!


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 137 – Monday, October 23, 2017
  • 00:00:41 Petty Show
  • 00:02:54 Find a concept, and then don’t oversaturate it!
  • 00:04:27 Building your brand around a meta concept
  • 00:09:14 Promoting your band on Facebook
  • 00:10:58 Paul’s post about a venue not being cool
  • 00:16:34 Spending social capital
  • 00:18:06 Everybody loves Dirty Laundry. Right?
  • 00:20:25 Just a warning, not a condemnation
  • 00:26:48 Do you need the gig?
  • 00:27:41 Ask for payment structure before the gig
  • 00:30:14 The benefit of the doubt… only goes so far.
  • 00:31:40 Email vs. Voice
  • 00:35:00 Would you play with a musician that took a gig there?
  • 00:38:16 “I don’t do it for the money”
  • 00:38:53 A carefully-measured response
  • 00:40:50 Who should your emotions communicate with?
  • 00:43:47 GG 137 Outtro

The Grandma Factor – Gig Gab 136

Dissecting different types of working bands, it’s time to look into what makes a band a wedding band. Could your band make the leap? Would you want to? Paul and Dave discuss. Then it’s on to finalizing the process for Paul’s drummer auditions, including how much the band should talk about the process during the process. All of this … and more… on this week’s Gig Gab!


  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 136 – Monday, October 16, 2017
  • 00:01:01 Cover Band Central
  • 00:02:17 Watching your own band!
  • 00:06:38 At weddings… it’s not about you!
  • 00:08:09 The Sweet Caroline response has permeated
  • 00:08:46 The Grandma Factor
  • 00:10:31 Managing the volume of wedding gigs
  • 00:13:57 Recognizing how great your band is
  • 00:16:00 Bruno Mars
  • 00:19:03 Dissecting the boys club vibe
  • 00:26:10 It’s not the wedding band’s job to be clever
  • 00:29:01 Petty tributes explode!
  • 00:31:09 Dead Guy Tunes
  • 00:32:30 Organizing a Petty tribute
  • 00:35:32 Houserocker drummer auditions coming up!
  • 00:37:13 Do you dissect during the audition process?
  • 00:44:37 GG Outtro

Replaying the Hits, and Reevaluating Your Habits – Gig Gab 135

Gig Gab Podcast

It’s time for some dissecting, folks. Dave and Paul spend some time dissecting Yes, the band, and then dissecting their own bands and projects. Finding what works, what doesn’t, and being careful not to over-analyze and change too much is the goal. Listen and follow along!


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 135 – Monday, October 9, 2017
  • 00:00:20 That floating Petty Groove
  • 00:01:37 Yes – Anderson, Rabin, Wakeman
  • 00:06:23 Dissecting Yes’s Harmonies
  • 00:08:43 Favorite Yes song to play?
  • 00:10:59 Subbing yourself out
  • 00:14:50 Watching another band
  • 00:17:54 Competition
  • 00:18:19 Reprising a previous show
  • 00:22:21 Beatles Mad Haus
  • 00:24:23 Fling Fests
  • 00:28:40 Looking to the future
  • 00:30:22 Changes!
  • 00:31:19 Shared Crisis revisited