The Final 45 – Gig Gab Podcast 222

The Final 45 – Gig Gab Podcast 222

How do you introduce new songs to your setlist? This is a pretty loaded question, it turns out, and your two favorite weekend warriors chat through this. Seems it might even need some kind of intentional process, especially if you want new songs to enter your band’s top 10.

Mothballs might be involved. And you’ll need to learn about The Final 45. Dave certainly did, and thankfully Paul was there to help! Press play and enjoy!


  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 222 – Tuesday, August 13, 2019
  • 00:01:57 Podcast Movement and Dave’s Steve Jobs Story
  • 00:05:36 Adding New Songs
    • The Dangling Participle
  • 00:10:24 The creativity of a cover band
  • 00:11:51 Bringing a song into your A-List
    • Break Glass in Case of Emergency
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  • 00:19:09 What do you look for in a tune?
  • 00:26:00 There are so many great songs
  • 00:31:26 Giving a song a fair shake
  • 00:37:04 What works for your band
  • 00:46:04 The Final 45
  • 00:51:51 GG 222 Outtro
Eff That – Gig Gab Podcast 221

Eff That – Gig Gab Podcast 221

Are you in for a rollicking good time? Enjoying your summer, either playing in the streets or watching bands playing in the streets? That’s fun! Got a player who can’t stay in the pocket? What about when the bandleader isn’t up to snuff? How about when a festival doesn’t wanna pay local bands? Uh huh. And what do you do when someone spends too much time looking at your pedal board?

Paul and Dave have answers… and not only the titular one. That’s right. We said titular. Enjoy!


  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 221 – Tuesday, August 6, 2019
  • 00:01:03 Stones played Harlem Shuffle
    • The Stones are an Impossible Band to Cover
  • 00:03:50 Two gigs, one night
  • 00:08:30 Playing In the Street!
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  • 00:17:46 Martin-Pocket-less Players
    • “Eff That!”
  • 00:29:00 When the bandleader isn’t up to snuff
  • 00:35:51 Eff That: Santa Cruz Music Festival Not Paying Local Performers
  • 00:44:38 CJ’s Pedal Board Sign
  • 00:46:35 Gig Gab 221 Outtro
    • Hats off to Kevin Bryson!

Trusting Your Fellow Musicians – Gig Gab Podcast 220

Sometimes you get to go on stage with a band of musicians with whom you’ve played many times before. Sometimes you get to go on stage with musicians you’ve never met!

Both can be rewarding – and a little scary! – and it seems Paul and Dave’s bicoastal synchronicity has struck once again. Listen as your two favorite weekend warriors discuss their recent (and upcoming!) experiences with all of this.

First, some thoughts about and for the folks involved with the recent events in Gilroy, too. Stay strong, Gilroy. We know you will!


The Definition of Great - Gig Gab Podcast 219

The Definition of Great – Gig Gab Podcast 219

How do you define “great”? More importantly: do you and your bandmates share that definition? If not, is there someone in your band to whom you all defer on that topic?

How do you make sure your band comes across “great” all the time?

Paul and Dave think there’s another word that helps this: R-E-S-P-E-C-T. And that comes in a lot of forms. Hear your two favorite weekend warriors talk about on-stage respect, in terms of both how to share frustrations as well as how to approach the substances-on-stage issue. Dress code comes up, as it always will because, after all, music is a visual art.

Or is it?

Listen to find out more!


  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 219 – July 15, 2019
  • 00:00:44 Intro: Lots-o-Gigs!
  • 00:04:57 Intro: Multi-band gigs and song lists
  • 00:07:01 R.E.S.P.E.C.T. spells a happy band
  • 00:07:20 On-stage Frustration
    • “That tone doesn’t work for me”
    • The Bowling For Soup Lesson
  • 00:17:05 Know your vibe
  • 00:18:53 When to talk about substance issues
  • 00:31:50 What if someone from Company X is in the audience?
  • 00:32:48 Dave’s Dress Rant!
  • 00:36:17 Are you a mess?
  • 00:37:10 The definition of “Great”
  • 00:44:40 The Phish “laid back” attitude
  • 00:47:29 Live Music is a Visual Art
  • 00:50:43 Ringo Sat in with Paul McCartney!
  • 00:53:42 GG 219 Outtro
I Really Wanted "Tiny Dancer" – Gig Gab Podcast 218

I Really Wanted “Tiny Dancer” – Gig Gab Podcast 218

Wanna hear about some cool, new gear? Wanna learn a new twist on how to have your band wish someone a happy birthday? Wanna hear some geeky stuff about how Phish appears to time their sets? How about some ideas for new venues to ply your craft?

Well, Paul and Dave deliver all of that – and more – right here in Gig Gab 218. Enjoy!


  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 218 – July 8, 2019
  • 00:00:59 Kevin-CSF-Lyrics Prompter
  • 00:05:16 217-Rolls PM50s Personal Monitor Amplifier
  • 00:07:43 Chapters/Shownotes reminder
  • 00:09:09 The benefits of a dedicated sound engineer
  • 00:10:14 Going for the perfect pacing
  • 00:16:09 A peaceful-sounding stage
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  • 00:20:34 Phish’s Minute Quota
  • 00:28:58 “I really wanted Tiny Dancer”
  • 00:29:52 Birthday Twist
  • 00:31:14 The Lack of Venue Imagination
  • 00:36:40 The “Yesterday” movie
  • 00:38:47 Bars are the status quo, challenge it!
  • 00:47:22 Understand the Non-Zero-Sum Game
  • 00:50:10 GG 218
Request-O-Rama – Gig Gab Podcast 217

Request-O-Rama – Gig Gab Podcast 217

Need advice on using in-ears? Check! Want to learn how to play with a click? Check! How about managing all those wireless channels? Check!

Paul and Dave have have all sorts of tips for you… and then a discussion (also tip-filled!) about requests and how to handle them. Don’t miss this one, folks. You’re gonna love it.


Lost a Gig? You're Not The First – Gig Gab Podcast 216

Lost a Gig? You’re Not The First – Gig Gab Podcast 216

Play long enough and you’ll lose a booking, it’s just how it goes. The questions are: how do you handle it? And what can you do to help keep it from happening in the first place? (Psst: sometimes you can’t!).

That’s not all, though. Listener Kevin has some ideas about portable staging, and Paul and Dave talk about tempos and how to manage them in your band.

Have an idea about this or anything else? Email the guys at and they’ll share on the show!


The Teen Town Edition – Gig Gab Podcast 215

A town with lots of teen numbers in it.Where can you hear about Sweet Home Alabama, Sample In a Jar, Tower of Power and, yes, Teen Town in the same place? This week’s Gig Gab Podcast, of course!

Plus, for those of you who aren’t coiling cables correctly – and that includes pretty much every one of you if you haven’t played in a band with Dave – you can hear about Dave’s crazy way of doing this, too. It’s crazy-effective. Dave also talks about a tantrum he once had at a gig. These two things might be related.

Paul shares the secret about how he lets his bandmates know they’re late to the stage, your two favorite weekend warriors talk about the beauty of running your in-ears in stereo, and then there’s time for a discussion about wireless dongles!

Trust us, you don’t wanna miss this one.


The Glass Ceiling for Cover Bands? – Gig Gab Podcast 214

The Glass Ceiling for Cover Bands? – Gig Gab Podcast 214Your listener feedback this week brings Paul and Dave to some interesting places, first talking about the shortage of keyboard players, and wrapping up with a conversation about the glass ceiling for cover bands.

But first, your two favorite weekend warriors got a chance to play together last week, so there’s a lot to talk about there, too, including the concept of who is “right” on stage when someone makes a mistake?

Press play, download, and enjoy it all!


  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 214 – June 10, 2019
  • 00:01:09 Dave sits in with the Houserockers
  • 00:03:14 Sophomore slump
  • 00:05:24 “Right” is consensus
  • 00:13:23 Mis-counting measures
  • 00:14:36 The tuning battle
  • 00:19:57 The drummer as the producer
  • 00:22:06 Game-Time Decisions
  • 00:23:27 Vic Firth 5B DoubleGlaze
  • 00:26:53 In tribute to Russ
  • 00:29:42 Kevin-The Shortage of Competent Keys Players
  • 00:40:08 Richard-The Glass Ceiling of the Cover Band Scene
  • 00:53:21 Dress it up a little
  • 00:59:00 Hit the stage and deliver
  • 01:04:06 GG 214 Outtro

Analyzing Your Performances – Gig Gab Podcast 213

Do you analyze your performances after the fact? If so… how long do you wait? Paul and Dave discuss the relative merits of when this is helpful, and how.

But first, a fight! Well, not really, but there’s a sternly-worded discussion to be had about sitting vs. standing at your gigs.

Paul and Dave will be playing together again next week, too, so they talk a little about that, as well… with more to come next week!

All of this and more. Press play and enjoy!


  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 213 – Thursday, May 30, 2019
  • 00:01:23 Meat-and-Potatoes Grooves with Paul and Dave!
  • 00:02:20 Totes McGoat – the big ears of sidepeople
  • 00:05:38 Acoustic Confidence
  • 00:07:07 The String of Houserockers Guitar Players
  • 00:08:00 A bad player is the genesis of Gig Gab
  • 00:13:26 SPONSOR: Bandzoogle: Built by musicians for musicians, Bandzoogle makes it easy to build a beautiful website for your music. Try for free for 30 days, then use promo code “giggab” to get 15% off your first year.
  • 00:16:13 The Sit vs. Stand Discussion
  • 00:19:49 Check the box: From Under the Knife to Taking the Stage in One Day
  • 00:23:34 Mad Haus… Who knows?
  • 00:25:53 The benefits of immediate analysis
  • 00:29:01 Is it worth it?
  • 00:31:34 Dissecting your Dissections
  • 00:33:07 Sammy Hagar
  • 00:36:33 Night Ranger Know Who They Are
  • 00:39:30 Paul’s Top 5 Sammy Hagar Songs
    • Space Station #5
    • Red
    • Get on Your Bad Motor Scooter and Ride
    • I’ve Done Everything For You
    • Young Girl Blues
  • 00:43:26 Meet your Podcasters on Wednesday!
  • 00:45:27 GG 213 Outtro