Rock-and-Roll Hand Signals & The Fragility of Changing Personnel – GigGab 111

Paul and Dave take the opportunity today to dig a little deeper into a few topics they’ve mentioned recently. First, though, it’s a discussion about your pack-up routine. Everyone’s got one… and everyone’s a little bit different! Then it’s that ever-lasting discussion about having the right bandmates… and keeping them. A band is at its most fragile when personnel changes are afoot, and that’s the time you need to provide the most care and attention. Finally, your two favorite weekend warriors talk through the on-stage language of music… and how that can easily be misinterpreted without some attention!


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 111 – Monday, April 17, 2017
  • 00:02:34 Pack-up Routine
  • 00:05:21 Trusting your bandmates on stage
  • 00:11:44 Finding the same musical dictionary
  • 00:14:12 Auditioning new members
  • 00:17:42 The fragility of changing personnel
  • 00:23:58 What is your band’s business model?
  • 00:30:43 On-stage hand signals

Firing a Club – GigGab 110

a microphone on stage with the text next to it that says "you're fired"Episode 110 finds your two favorite working musicians in an interesting headspace, with Dave even joining Paul on the path to truth and honesty and… the musicians’ way! Ever fire a club? Paul did this week, and he lives to tell the tale. When someone compliments your playing, how humble is too humble? Dave shares his thoughts about this… and you might (or might not!) be surprised what he says. Plus, Dave had his first rehearsal with Uptown Celebration… and that started with a major problem. You won’t believe how it ended (actually, you will… it’s all fine… we just couldn’t help ourselves with the clickbait-style phrase!). All this and more in this week’s GigGab!


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 110 – Wednesday, April 12, 2017
  • 00:01:11 Those pesky day jobs!
  • 00:03:30 First rehearsal
  • 00:09:40 Developing that band vibe
  • 00:12:51 Firing a club
  • 00:16:28 Are you entertaining a crowd or bringing a crowd?
  • 00:18:57 Beware the respectless relationship
  • 00:21:47 Defining your own value
  • 00:23:28 It’s ok to be able to play!
  • 00:27:10 Avoid false humility, just be truthful and kind.
  • 00:29:39 Playing a gig to no one
  • 00:32:25 Benefits of everyone in your band enjoying the same music

Pick Up Something When You Drop It! – GigGab 109

Paul put on his acoustic Springsteen tribute show and has many lessons to share from that, including the benefits having an instrument tech on stage to help you. Marketing the event, too, brought more than a few insights, including what you unintentionally wind up doing to market the next event. Dave had an interesting fly-on-the-wall experience with an audition this week that really drove home some important lessons… and your two favorite weekend warriors begin discussing the unspoken language of rock-and-roll. All this and more in this week’s GigGab. Press play, and enjoy!


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 109 – Monday, April 3, 2017
  • 00:00:42 Paul’s Springsteen Gig
  • 00:04:02 Using your setlist to craft the mood
  • 00:05:42 The true benefit of having an on-stage instrument tech
  • 00:08:29 Ending big!
  • 00:10:05 Marketing: The event, in general
  • 00:12:26 Marketing: On Facebook
  • 00:15:12 Marketing: The personal approach
  • 00:19:58 Marketing: During the gig
  • 00:21:23 Don’t forget YOUR payoff time
  • 00:25:14 Trust that you know your songs
  • 00:28:37 Logistics
  • 00:31:11 Pick up something when you drop it!
  • 00:33:06 Dave’s jam with C-Spot
  • 00:40:25 The language of rock-and-roll
  • 00:44:16 Dave’s First Uptown Rehearsal
  • 00:46:37 GG 109 Outtro

Time Flies … But it still Matters! – GigGab 108

swinging metronome with quote "time flies... but it still matters!"Today your two favorite working musicians launch right into a verbal jam session, with topics seemingly all over the map, but tying together in the best ways. Are you like Paul where you’re looking forward to every gig all week and all day? Or are you more like Dave where you’re ecstatic to do the gig, but the logistics are enough to convince you that a cancelation is A-OK?

Continuing the analysis, when you go see a band do you just let go and enjoy? Or do you enjoy while simultaneously noting all the things you’d either like to add to your own playing or intentionally avoid? How do you feel about a drummer who can’t – or doesn’t – keep time?

Lastly, are weed bars the future of live music venues? All this and more on GigGab!


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 108 – Monday, March 27, 2017
  • 00:01:07 Apple Market Forum
  • 00:01:26 Letting the music be your outlet
  • 00:03:55 Dave’s Internal Dialogue
  • 00:05:40 Let It Be, Dave!
  • 00:06:10 Green Day: Why only floor toms in the subs?
  • 00:09:01 Green Day: Time matters!
  • 00:16:49 Superstition on Sesame Street!
  • 00:17:46 Expanding your band’s reach
  • 00:22:52 Are Weed Bars the Future of Live Music?
  • 00:23:19 Always Be Performing… Serendipity Will Eventually Catch You!
  • 00:24:44 Fun with Numbers
  • 00:25:08 Creating your own gigs to build the scene
  • 00:28:43 Defining the cover charge
  • 00:31:22 Cover musicians rely on the stars aligning
  • 00:36:21 What do you charge?
  • 00:37:42 GG 108 Outtro

Band Leaders: Get Your Empathy Elsewhere – GigGab 107

Paul finished his EP and talks about the process of mastering and distributing that. When it comes to cover songs, there’s an additional layer of complexity that Paul sorted out. Then it’s on to gig talk! Do you have someone in your band that takes mental notes during your gigs and maintains the punch-list of things to discuss and tweak? Then, how does your band go about discussing these things? Lastly, music aside, what role do you play in your band? All good for a full GigGab, and Dave and Paul take you on the journey!


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 107 – Monday, March 20, 2017
  • 00:02:07 Finishing and Distributing an EP
  • 00:11:09 Mastering
  • 00:12:27 Gig Talk
  • 00:14:40 Mental Notes at gigs
  • 00:19:13 Do you want to leave them wanting more?
  • 00:26:43 Band Meetings
  • 00:32:33 Personality roles in the band
  • 00:38:40 Talking Stick
  • 00:41:02 Get Your Empathy Elsewhere

Healthy Competition, Studio Songs, & Auditions

Do you and your bandmates ever feel competitive with one another? Channeled the right way, that healthy competition can make for excellent performances and music from your band. Paul and Dave talk through this a bit, but first it’s all about the energy. Sometimes the crowd feeds you first, and sometimes you have to feed the crowd first. How do you do it?

Recently, Dave went on an audition. Hear him and Paul talk about the preparation process and also the things you can do in-the-moment to make sure everyone involved knows what they’re getting.

Lastly, sorry about the audio issues in the last few minutes of the show. Listen and… you’ll understand. Oh, and thanks. 🙂


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 106 – Monday, March 13, 2017
  • 00:01:04 You can’t wait for the energy to start!
  • 00:03:54 Opening up for a DJ
  • 00:05:57 Relaying a “studio song” in a live setting
  • 00:09:05 Audition time!
  • 00:18:19 Horns
  • 00:20:42 Developing that Internal Competition to Entertain!
  • 00:30:18 Most important factor: rocking out!

Do You Have a Tambourine? – GigGab 105

At some gigs, the only thing worse than being asked, “can I play my harmonica with your band?” is “can I play your tambourine?” Listen to what Paul and Dave have to say about this, including what Dave would like to say to the people that ask this latter question. On top of that, your two favorite weekend warriors talk about assembling songs in the studio, learning to lay back, and perhaps a revelation about wireless in-ears! Press play, enjoy, and always be performing!


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 105 – Monday, March 6, 2017
  • 00:01:05 Managing your day job
  • 00:03:47 Managing the acoustic lineups and setlists!
  • 00:05:45 Assembling Songs in the Studio
  • 00:07:51 Learning to Lay Back…
  • 00:10:29 …and learning to accept the results!
  • 00:12:46 Licensing those covers!
  • 00:16:00 Managing yourself in the studio
  • 00:17:44 Do you have a tambourine?
  • 00:23:19 A little bit on in-ears…and perhaps a revelation!
  • 00:26:41 Photo Shoot with Richard Kerris!
  • 00:33:26 Live Photos… and not necessarily the Apple kind!

Fixing Feedback and Stage Sound with Audio Engineer Andy Dolph – GigGab 104

Long-time audio engineer, Andy Dolph, joins Paul and Dave this week to share some tips and tricks for making your band sound its best – and avoid sounding its worst – on GigGab this week. Hear Andy’s microphone recommendations, tips for solving feedback in both the monitors and the mains, mixing advice, and why you should be using a high pass filter on everything. You never thought you wanted to learn about the inverse-square law before, but after listening to today’s show you’ll be glad you did!


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 104 – Monday, February 27, 2017
  • 00:01:39 Theater sound vs. Rock-and-roll Sound
  • 00:07:09 Advice for musicians to make FOH (and on-stage!) sound its best
  • 00:09:09 Nothing but vocals in the monitors
  • 00:13:47 A case study on a band
  • 00:18:05 Which microphone to use?
  • 00:22:32 Inverse Square Law
  • 00:26:07 When a kick drum can be a problem?
  • 00:29:53 The High Pass Filter can be your friend
  • 00:36:00 Buy the biggest mixer you can afford (and carry)
    • Listening to the room
    • Fitting instruments into the mix
    • In-ear tips
  • 00:37:34 Tuning the PA.
  • 00:45:24 Speaker Height and Angle
  • 00:49:30 Compaq Big Band

What’s Wrong with My In-Ears? – GigGab 103

a man's face with smoke coming out of his earsDo you use in-ears? Are you comfortable when you use them? Do they sound right? Paul and Dave dive back into this topic, almost accidentally, and uncover some truths about what it takes to get a good in-ear mix… and guess what? It’s not just up to you and the sound engineer. Your favorite weekend warriors explain! That then directly leads into a conversation about managing stage volume, and how you can make good stage volume your band’s holistic mission. Press play now for all this and more!


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 103 – February 20, 2017
  • 00:01:14 Playing with a click, playing in form
  • 00:07:05 Assigning a leader
  • 00:13:53 Dave’s UE11 vs UE7 Comparison
  • 00:16:03 Tuning your in-ears
  • 00:18:16 It’s your stage-volume
  • 00:29:56 Marketing “special” gigs
  • 00:30:59 Lighting your band
  • 00:39:44 Dare to be great
  • 00:41:10 Recording the band tonight

Production – and Producer – Value – GigGab 102

Your two favorite weekend warriors are in the midst of some atypical musical experiences, and today’s show brings it to fruition. Dave’s playing live with tracked parts… and a click! Paul played live in a jam band scenario and has also been spending some time in the studio. He shares his thoughts about the value a producer brings to not only a project, but to him as a musician. Press play and enjoy, folks!


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 102 – February 13, 2017
  • 00:01:58 Finding Elusive Tempos
  • 00:06:24 A Quick Studio Project
  • 00:08:30 Royalties
  • 00:10:16 Recording with a Producer
  • 00:24:24 Paul’s Jam Band Night
  • 00:34:44 GG Outtro