It Ain’t Bragging If You Can Back It Up! – GigGab 117

band in front of festival crowd viewed from behindYour two favorite weekend warriors have been GigGabbing for almost two-and-a-half years, and the time has come to take a little stock in the action. What have Paul and Dave learned? How have their musical lives changed since the inception of the show, and what changes do they anticipate in the near term?

It’s not all introspective, though, folks. There are some solid lessons to learn in this episode, specifically about dealing with multi-band gigs where you need to share a single stage with several other bands. How do you deal with it? What’s the protocol? And how do you make sure you can put your best foot forward in what’s inevitably going to be a non-optimal scenario?


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 117 – Monday, May 30, 2017
  • 00:00:43 Gig Craziness!
  • 00:03:37 Will the theater stuff ever wane?
  • 00:06:07 Don’t be a pesty theater parent!
  • 00:09:37 Festival-style, multi-band gigs
  • 00:13:16 Which gigs do you decline?
  • 00:14:20 Always be fighting for the best situation for you/your band
  • 00:15:09 It ain’t bragging if you can back it up!
  • 00:15:57 Managing the stage with a shared bill
  • 00:20:37 Lessons from GigGab – Dave
  • 00:24:22 The balancing act
  • 00:26:30 Lessons from GigGab – Paul
  • 00:28:34 Interview reflections
  • 00:30:20 Relatability
  • 00:33:38 Shared therapy!

Musical Snobbery – GigGab 116

a pair of glasses, a mustache and a pair of headphones, and the word hipster on a beige backgroundWhat happens when you or someone else starts the wrong song in the set? How do you handle a packed schedule full of multiple rehearsals and gigs in the same day? And how do you deal with a fellow musician who mocks what you do?

These are the questions that your two favorite weekend warriors answer. Heck, they don’t just answer them, they live them. And they gab about them, GigGab style. Press play and enjoy!


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 116 – Monday, May 22, 2017
  • 00:01:11 Musical Snobbery
  • 00:08:11 What happens when you put a music snob into the snobbiest music?
  • 00:10:28 What songs do you perform?
  • 00:11:48 The song pipeline
  • 00:17:03 Sonos
  • 00:19:45 Four gigs in 36 hours!
  • 00:26:08 Proper preparation leads to … Great gigs!
  • 00:29:17 Band allegiances
  • 00:32:15 You skipped a song!
  • 00:39:05 GG Outtro

Soft Silicone, Hard Acrylic, and Managing a Trio – GigGab 115

One quick glance at the title and you know this isn’t your average GigGab episode. Thankfully, we’re not that shallow… it is very much your normal GigGab episode. In fact, we dig into every aspect: the touchy feely? Covered. Gear? Covered. Practical how-to-style lessons? Covered! All of this, and more, just as you’ve come to expect each and every time to press “Play” to listen to Paul and Dave. There’s nothing to be afraid of here. Just do it!


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 115 – Monday, May 15, 2017
  • 00:01:27 The Beauty of a Trio
  • 00:04:45 Uptown Rehearsal tonight
  • 00:07:39 Here’s your job!
  • 00:09:36 What’s your style in the band?
  • 00:16:13 Weird Drum Parts
  • 00:17:29 Touch Matters!
  • 00:19:34 Learning Lyrics
  • 00:24:35 Forgetting Lyrics
  • 00:25:03 Dan-IEMs: Soft Silicone or Hard Acrylic?
  • 00:29:12 Slacking the love – Loving the Slack
  • 00:34:09 GG Outtro

Exploring the Drummer’s Vantage Point – GigGab 114

Drummers always seem to have a different perspective, and perhaps that’s because they literally have a different place from which they view a gig. If there’s a theme to this episode, that’s certainly a contender! Double-bookings happen, though, and Dave found himself in that scenario. He and Paul talk through what to do in that situation. To start, though, a quick conversation about trusting your crew. That’s an important element in the enjoyment of a gig. All of this just one click away. Press play and enjoy!


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 114 – Monday, May 8, 2017
  • 00:03:39 How much sound gear is enough?
  • 00:06:30 Get to the gig… and it’s double-booked!
  • 00:13:23 Fighting for your guys!
  • 00:19:33 Drummer’s Vantage Point
  • 00:26:45 Line of sight to everyone
  • 00:27:35 Who has the baton?
  • 00:30:28 Four hour gigs?
  • 00:32:07 Managing the weather
  • 00:34:00 Sitting in!
  • 00:34:48 Those “Nirvana Days”
  • 00:36:22 Always Be Performing!

Can Anyone Hear the Elephant on the Stage? – GigGab 113

elephant with an electric guitar and a microphoneIt’s time to get pensive, folks. First, your two favorite weekend warriors discuss the “poison in the locker room” mentality that often is the precursor to a band-wide bitch-session. Then it’s on to the aftermath of the bitch-sesh that eventually leads to someone asking, “why do we do this gig, anyway?” That’s a valid question to ask, as long as you ask it of the right person. Paul and Dave will guide you on this. Lastly, it’s all about elephants, and that’s all we’re going to tell you. Press play for more, on GigGab!


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 113 – Monday, May 1, 2017
  • 00:01:17 The emotional waver of giggings
  • 00:04:52 Poison in the locker room
  • 00:08:44 Communication leads to confidence
  • 00:10:51 How tactful is too tactful?
  • 00:14:46 The gig gets weird
  • 00:15:10 The frustration of that for which you’re not responsible
  • 00:20:52 Dealing with playing a rough gig
  • 00:24:20 The risks and benefits of Bitch-sessions
  • 00:29:00 Can we still have any fun?
  • 00:31:04 Can anyone hear the elephant in the room?

The 1990s Conundrum – GigGab 112

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has some new members, and it’s time your two favorite weekend warriors discuss that! Then listener Ted has some questions about his snare drum sound, and Paul and Dave give some help his way. Lastly, there’s a thread that runs through today’s episode: The 1990s produced some music. Some of that music is great, most is forgettable. Is that any different from any other generation?


Rock-and-Roll Hand Signals & The Fragility of Changing Personnel – GigGab 111

Paul and Dave take the opportunity today to dig a little deeper into a few topics they’ve mentioned recently. First, though, it’s a discussion about your pack-up routine. Everyone’s got one… and everyone’s a little bit different! Then it’s that ever-lasting discussion about having the right bandmates… and keeping them. A band is at its most fragile when personnel changes are afoot, and that’s the time you need to provide the most care and attention. Finally, your two favorite weekend warriors talk through the on-stage language of music… and how that can easily be misinterpreted without some attention!


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 111 – Monday, April 17, 2017
  • 00:02:34 Pack-up Routine
  • 00:05:21 Trusting your bandmates on stage
  • 00:11:44 Finding the same musical dictionary
  • 00:14:12 Auditioning new members
  • 00:17:42 The fragility of changing personnel
  • 00:23:58 What is your band’s business model?
  • 00:30:43 On-stage hand signals

Firing a Club – GigGab 110

a microphone on stage with the text next to it that says "you're fired"Episode 110 finds your two favorite working musicians in an interesting headspace, with Dave even joining Paul on the path to truth and honesty and… the musicians’ way! Ever fire a club? Paul did this week, and he lives to tell the tale. When someone compliments your playing, how humble is too humble? Dave shares his thoughts about this… and you might (or might not!) be surprised what he says. Plus, Dave had his first rehearsal with Uptown Celebration… and that started with a major problem. You won’t believe how it ended (actually, you will… it’s all fine… we just couldn’t help ourselves with the clickbait-style phrase!). All this and more in this week’s GigGab!


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 110 – Wednesday, April 12, 2017
  • 00:01:11 Those pesky day jobs!
  • 00:03:30 First rehearsal
  • 00:09:40 Developing that band vibe
  • 00:12:51 Firing a club
  • 00:16:28 Are you entertaining a crowd or bringing a crowd?
  • 00:18:57 Beware the respectless relationship
  • 00:21:47 Defining your own value
  • 00:23:28 It’s ok to be able to play!
  • 00:27:10 Avoid false humility, just be truthful and kind.
  • 00:29:39 Playing a gig to no one
  • 00:32:25 Benefits of everyone in your band enjoying the same music

Pick Up Something When You Drop It! – GigGab 109

Paul put on his acoustic Springsteen tribute show and has many lessons to share from that, including the benefits having an instrument tech on stage to help you. Marketing the event, too, brought more than a few insights, including what you unintentionally wind up doing to market the next event. Dave had an interesting fly-on-the-wall experience with an audition this week that really drove home some important lessons… and your two favorite weekend warriors begin discussing the unspoken language of rock-and-roll. All this and more in this week’s GigGab. Press play, and enjoy!


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 109 – Monday, April 3, 2017
  • 00:00:42 Paul’s Springsteen Gig
  • 00:04:02 Using your setlist to craft the mood
  • 00:05:42 The true benefit of having an on-stage instrument tech
  • 00:08:29 Ending big!
  • 00:10:05 Marketing: The event, in general
  • 00:12:26 Marketing: On Facebook
  • 00:15:12 Marketing: The personal approach
  • 00:19:58 Marketing: During the gig
  • 00:21:23 Don’t forget YOUR payoff time
  • 00:25:14 Trust that you know your songs
  • 00:28:37 Logistics
  • 00:31:11 Pick up something when you drop it!
  • 00:33:06 Dave’s jam with C-Spot
  • 00:40:25 The language of rock-and-roll
  • 00:44:16 Dave’s First Uptown Rehearsal
  • 00:46:37 GG 109 Outtro

Time Flies … But it still Matters! – GigGab 108

swinging metronome with quote "time flies... but it still matters!"Today your two favorite working musicians launch right into a verbal jam session, with topics seemingly all over the map, but tying together in the best ways. Are you like Paul where you’re looking forward to every gig all week and all day? Or are you more like Dave where you’re ecstatic to do the gig, but the logistics are enough to convince you that a cancelation is A-OK?

Continuing the analysis, when you go see a band do you just let go and enjoy? Or do you enjoy while simultaneously noting all the things you’d either like to add to your own playing or intentionally avoid? How do you feel about a drummer who can’t – or doesn’t – keep time?

Lastly, are weed bars the future of live music venues? All this and more on GigGab!


  • 00:00:00 GigGab 108 – Monday, March 27, 2017
  • 00:01:07 Apple Market Forum
  • 00:01:26 Letting the music be your outlet
  • 00:03:55 Dave’s Internal Dialogue
  • 00:05:40 Let It Be, Dave!
  • 00:06:10 Green Day: Why only floor toms in the subs?
  • 00:09:01 Green Day: Time matters!
  • 00:16:49 Superstition on Sesame Street!
  • 00:17:46 Expanding your band’s reach
  • 00:22:52 Are Weed Bars the Future of Live Music?
  • 00:23:19 Always Be Performing… Serendipity Will Eventually Catch You!
  • 00:24:44 Fun with Numbers
  • 00:25:08 Creating your own gigs to build the scene
  • 00:28:43 Defining the cover charge
  • 00:31:22 Cover musicians rely on the stars aligning
  • 00:36:21 What do you charge?
  • 00:37:42 GG 108 Outtro