The Holy Grail of Stage Volume – Gig Gab 8

Paul and Dave start with some listener feedback (their first!) and then it’s time to talk about attaining the perfect stage volume. Always a tough thing to get right, but Paul and Dave do their best to explain their processes and how they try to get it right each time. It’s an ever-evolving process, for sure!

Pay Scales and The Subbing Dilemma – Gig Gab 7

For a working cover band the subject of pay is always a touchy one. Paul and Dave talk through their thoughts and experiences when it comes to ensuring you’re doing the right gigs and getting paid properly. Then it’s on to the matter of subs. Are you sub? Do you want to hire a sub? In the end, how does it affect your band? All this and more!

There’s Always More You Can Do to Market Your Band – Gig Gab 6

Paul and Dave talk through their weekend gigs, including some tales about what it takes to get a crowd up and moving — and how to keep your head in the right place when that doesn’t happen right away. Then it segues to marketing talk. How do you market your band? Your gigging gabbers talk through how they do it – and what they should do better.

The Rehearsal Talk – Gig Gab 5

Paul and Dave get together on this crazy Monday night and rehearsals are the topic. How do you rehearse with your band? What do you do to plan rehearsals? How does it all work out? These and other questions are answered. Download and enjoy!

Do You Support Live Music? – Gig Gab 4

Paul and Dave dive right into their stride with a discussion about whether or not one should “support live music.” That flows into a discussion about the true job of a working musician, a topic about which the guys have a lot to say! Then it migrates into Views From The Stage, a new (recurring?) segment about things musicians see from that side while playing. Finally it’s all about flow and energy. Can you create it? Do you? What’s the best way to make it happen?