The Benefits of Acoustic Gigs – GigGab 49

Paul and Dave take some time today to discuss acoustic gigs and how they can be quite beneficial to your more rocked-up playing, too. Acoustic gigs can provide opportunity to hone your crowd-interaction chops, improve your harmonies and give you a completely different perspective on live performance. Listen to your two favorite weekend warriors talk about all this plus some of their favorite gear as it relates to acoustic gigs, too!

Stuff Mentioned:

How Do I Get Better Gigs? (and How to Count the Intro to “Take it Easy”) – GigGab 48

This week Paul​ and Dave​ take on a full load of topics including introducing a new friend of the show, they talk about a new project Paul is working on and then spend a good bit of time answering a listener’s question about how to bring your band to the next level. Plus, Dave gets geeky teaching everyone how to count the intro to The Eagles’ “Take It Easy.” All this and more… download, press play and enjoy!

Gear Gab … and a little bit about David Bowie – GigGab 47

Today your two favorite weekend warriors let their geek flags fly as they talk about (some of) their favorite gear to use at gigs and on stage. They surprised each other with some inclusions and will likely surprise you, as well. First, though, a few words about not only David Bowie, but the honest fact that artists pass away while their art lives on. Listen to hear what Paul and Dave have to say about all of this!

The Coffis Brothers – GigGab 46

Kellen and Jamie Coffis – The Coffis Brothers – came and joined your two favorite weekend warriors to talk about what it takes to run a successful original band in today’s world. Between recording albums, touring, crafting their own events, singing harmonies, writing songs and managing band members, the Coffis Brothers have found the magic mix… and share their secrets with you on this week’s GigGab. If you’re in the bay area be sure to check them out this weekend at Don Quixote’s International Music Hall, Friday and Saturday night!