Gig Gab 266 episode image with masked people dancing with a boom box. Text: The Same Amount of Crazy

The Same Amount of Crazy — Gig Gab 266

Keeping your band in sync is never an easy thing, and everyone knows it. Perhaps the most important thing is to make sure you’re all on the same page, and that doesn’t mean “like every other band.” It just means, “like this band.” Really it just means you all need to be approximately the same amount of crazy to make it work. Paul and Dave talk through and develop this realization, and share some examples of where to apply it.

That’s not all, though, because gear gab is back, especially for people using in-ear monitors. You’ll want to hear the segment about cables there, for sure.

Discussions about subbing and managing multiple guitarists and, yes, a little bit about the pandemic affecting gigs, too. All this and more… press play, and always be performing!

Gig Gab 265 Episode image with Dan Ray, Adam Johnson, Paul Kent, and Dave Hamilton from Gig Gab and Cover Band Confidential

The Meeting of Four Minds — Gig Gab 265 and Cover Band Confidential 100

Dan Ray and Adam Johnson join Paul and Dave this week for a crossover episode of Cover Band Confidential and Gig Gab. Listen as your FOUR favorite weekend warriors talk through how they’re dealing with gigs during the pandemic, keeping their music lives alive (while prioritizing simply staying alive themselves!), and as they help a listener through finding a new gig.New for this week, you can even watch this episode on YouTube!

Press play, enjoy, and always be performing!

Gig Gab Podcast 264 Episode image with picture of home recording setup and text "Where's the QuickStart Guide?"

Where’s The QuickStart Guide? — Gig Gab 264

Gear Gab is back! This time your two favorite weekend warriors are talking about Mackie’s new universal-fit in-ear monitors, microphone pre-amps (and devices to help them along), and a little bit about gain and mixing.

And hey, Dave played a gig this weekend (two of them, in fact!), so he and Paul talk about how that worked, what measures were taken to keep everyone as safe as possible, and what the future of all that might look like as we’re slowly marching forward here.

Don’t sweat the lightning, folks… it just made for some interesting breaks in the show. You know what they say? Always be performing!

Gig Gab Podcast 263 Episode Image: Microphone with an asterisk on it, "Asterisk Pandemic" is title

Asterisk Pandemic — Gig Gab 263

Try as they might to avoid it, sometimes your two favorite weekend warriors wind up talking about the pandemic. This week weaves conversations about performances, streaming, syncing video, and Hamilton (the show, not the podcaster) with related thoughts about what it’ll take to feel safe doing all the things we want to do on stage again. Listen as Kent and Hamilton (the podcaster, not the show), talk through all this and more. And remember, always be performing!

  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 263 – Monday, July 6, 2020
  • 00:00:55 Asterisk Pandemic
  • 00:17:40 The Hamilton Question
  • 00:34:26 Mike Mendoza’s July Fourth Streaming Festival
  • 01:02:04 GG 263 Outtro