Robert Berry Talks Carl Palmer, Steve Howe, Keith Emerson … and Cheerleader Camp! – GigGab 71

robert_berry_1200Robert Berry‘s musical career has followed his passion, and that’s led to him playing and collaborating with some of the best musicians on the planet. A true journeyman, he’s got some fantastic stories to tell, and that’s what we all love here on GigGab. Listen to the interview to hear Robert talk about getting an out-of-the-blue call from Carl Palmer, having that first lunch with Keith Emerson, sitting on the side of the stage watching The Who play to small audiences, collaborating with Steve Howe and playing at Cheerleader Camp! Throughout it all, it’s obvious that Robert stays true to who he is, and obviously loves it all.

Band Banners, Backing Tracks and In-Ears, all from the Mailbag! – GigGab 70

musical_letterYou filled up the mailbag, Paul and Dave dig in and answer your questions. Listen today to hear your two favorite weekend warriors answer your questions about money, in-ears, hanging banners, backing tracks and much, much more!

Considering Making a Living From Music – GigGab 69

piano-music-moneyToday Paul and Dave answer listener Patrick, who asks, “is it too late to make a living playing music?” As Weekend Warriors, this is an interesting concept to consider, and likely one that everyone has thought of at least once. Listen to what Paul and Dave have to say… then send in your own feedback about this.

To start the show, it’s gig talk. Dave discusses how Paul jinxed him with GigGab 67’s discussion about people behaving badly. Then it’s on to making yourself feel happy and relaxed on stage… and how the dark art of sound can have such a huge influence on that!

Jan Hammer Talks Mahavishnu, Emerson, Hendrix, Jaco … and Getting the JuJu Happening! – GigGab 68

jan-hammer-with-lync-4by3Jan Hammer joins Paul and Dave today to share his own stories from throughout his life and career. From his start in Prague, the stories flow, including tales about Jan’s experiences with Jeff Beck, Keith Emerson, Jaco Pastorius, Neal Schon, Mahavishnu Orchestra and even Jimi Hendrix. There’s so much packed into these 43 minutes you’ll probably want to listen twice. Enjoy!