Slack for Bands, Evaluating Your Show & a Prince-ly Chat – GigGab 62

How often do you take a step back and evaluate your band, both musically and visually? It’s easy for unwanted elements to creep into your songs and shows over time and, once there, they’re hard to notice without taking a step out of your own shoes and looking back. Paul and Dave talk about how they do (and don’t do) that in their own lives. Email gets a hard look by the guys today, too… because it’s terrible for the type of communication a band needs. Paul finds Slack a much better alternative and he and Dave discuss its merits. Plus, it’s free! Then, before they wrap up, time for a Prince-ly chat. That one’s better heard than summarized so… press play and enjoy!

Defining Success – GigGab 61

When you’re doing something that sits between hobby and job, how do you define success? Paul and Dave take some time out this week to explore this topic… but not before wrapping up last week’s conversation about The Disagreement™. Enjoy!

Flow & Focus, Chemistry & Commitment – GigGab 60

When you’re in a band, there are some things you can polish quickly and some things that take time. Focus is one of the former, and Paul and Dave talk through just how important it is to them. Then it’s on to the talk about both commitment and playing in multiple bands. Let’s just say there are some subjects in this episode upon which Paul and Dave agree … and some where they don’t. Listen and find out which is which!

Gig Preparation & Differentiating Yourself – GigGab 59

Today your two favorite weekend warriors warm up with warming up! It’s all about what you do to prepare for a gig and how you get ready for that first downbeat. Then it’s on to a conversation about how you land that downbeat in the first place by differentiating – and selling – yourself. And, as a bonus, you’ll get to hear why GigGab is the premier podcast for working musicians!