Musicians are Salespeople, Too – GigGab 29

Starting with a brief-but-fun discussion of the things they love to practice, Paul and Dave dive deep into what it takes to successfully book your band long-term. Paul’s the expert this week, and Dave picks his brain about all the methods and tricks he’s learned and employed over the years keeping the Houserockers gigging week after week. Have thoughts on your own? Please send them in at!

Musicians are Fans, Too – GigGab 28

Summer’s not just a time for playing music, it’s a great time to go see music, too, and Paul and Dave talk through some of their favorite bands in this great episode. One highlight for Paul was a local (to him) band: The Coffis Brothers. Check ’em out!

Maintaining an Attitude of Gratitude – GigGab 27

What’s your local scene like? Are other musicians friendly and helpful or are they hyper-competitive and guarded? Are you helpful or are you the competitive, guarded one? Paul and Dave talk through all of this and more in today’s GigGab. Remember, is the way to get them to hear what you’re already yelling at your iPhone while listening!

Dave Brunyak from Pink Talking Fish – GigGab Podcast 26

dave-brunyak-eyes-closedDave Brunyak, currently playing guitar with the cleverly-named tribute act Pink Talking Fish, joins Paul and Dave today to talk about covering the music of others; learning Phish, the Talking Head and Pink Floyd; what it’s like playing in a tribute band, and why it makes perfect sense to have Slash and Jimmy Page influence your choice of gear. All this and more with Dave Brunyak!

What Is It About a Song that Makes You Care? – GigGab Podcast 25

Selecting songs is a tough part of the cover (or even original) band business, and it gets even tougher when one or more band members cares about getting it just right. More often than not, that can be the crux of deciding whether or not a song succeeds. What songs or bands do you care about? Paul and Dave talk through it all.