Paul & Dave Open a Club (in their minds) – GigGab 45

Tonight Paul and Dave’s (fictitious) Aunt has left them some money and they’re opening a club targeted at live music. Hear what these two Weekend Warriors have to say as they Monday-morning quarterback their way through drafting a business plan for a live music venue. All manner of topics are discussed and some of them might even hold water! Have some fun with the guys and come along for the ride during this final GigGab of 2015!

Watching Your Friends Play – GigGab 44

Going to see live music is something every musician enjoys at some level, but depending upon who is playing there might be other emotions involved. How do you feel watching your friends play? Is it different if they’re doing great versus if they’re having a bad night? Paul and Dave talk candidly about these things… it’s not always easy for us musicians to watch other folks make music, especially if we know them well! Then your two favorite weekend warriors wrap-up with a discussion about motivation to excel. Why practice if you don’t need to do it? All that wrapped up in today’s GigGab!

Steve Siacotos Talks Aha! Tunes and Scene Creation – GigGab 43

San Francisco Bay Area musician Steve Siacotos has been cultivating scenes and perfecting his craft while catering to audiences for decades. In addition to learning some of Steve’s favorite “aha!” tunes, you can hear the context around some great quotes like, “the audience is as important to the music as the band is,” “be friendly to other musicians,” and “you should be able to look into a room and tell who the musicians are.” All of this and more for you just as soon as you press “play!”

“Aha!” Tunes:

Other stuff mentioned:

The Great Swing Scare of the Mid-90s – GigGab 42

Another jam-session of an episode that covers all the bases, from Christmas music to prog rock geekery to the beginnings of fusion to playing music with people who know rock stars. All of that’s here plus all the stuff that links it together. Paul and Dave go on a musical journey and the door is open for you to join!