Paul & Dave Open a Club (in their minds) – GigGab 45

Tonight Paul and Dave’s (fictitious) Aunt has left them some money and they’re opening a club targeted at live music. Hear what these two Weekend Warriors have to say as they Monday-morning quarterback their way through drafting a business plan for a live music venue. All manner of topics are discussed and some of them might even hold water! Have some fun with the guys and come along for the ride during this final GigGab of 2015!

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  1. Kevin Cooper says:

    I really enjoyed this podcast. I have thought many times about opening a club that would be a featured music venue. You guys brought up some great points. Serve good food, have live music going as much as possible, pro sound and lights and a cast and crew that support the mission of the club.

    This may motivate me to make the plunge sooner than later.

    • dave says:

      W00t! Let us know when you open the club, Kevin. I’d love to come in for a drink and a bite to eat … and, of course, enjoy some great live music while I’m there!

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