Shared Backlines, Sit-ins & The Fish – GigGab 21

Multi-band gigs can be fun and a great way to play for a new crowd, but it either means moving your gear in a hurry or sharing a backline. Which is best? Paul and Dave talk it through. Sit-ins are another fact of life playing in bars where there’s no wall of security between you and the crowd. Your weekend warriors talk through this, too, and then pay a bit of tribute to The Fish, as well.

Managing Your Health & To Gig or Not to Gig – Gig Gab 20

Dave and Paul start out discussing what it’s like to play without the pressure of ever bringing it to the stage and how that can work. Then it’s on to health and gigs — what’s it take to make sure you can continue doing this, even when you’re under the weather?

Stuff mentioned:

What’s Your Goal When You Walk On Stage? – Gig Gab 19

Every musician hits the stage with the goal of… what? Is it entertaining? Is it playing well? Is it having a special moment (or three)? And if a special moment… with whom? Is it the crowd? One’s bandmates? A higher power? Paul and Dave talk through their feelings on this, but please share yours, too. Hint: there are no wrong answers… except the ones with which Paul and Dave disagree! 🙂

The Lost Episode – Gig Gab 18

Paul and Dave met in San Francisco to record their first ever face-to-face GigGab episode … and failed! The conversation was animated, the topic was excellent and the audio was abysmal. Something went amiss with the USB audio interface that wasn’t detectable until the very end of the recording (despite all the tests working just perfectly!). Dave explains all this and more, and asks you two important prep questions for next week’s show: what is it that drives you to play gigs? What makes you fulfilled at the end of the night?

I’ve Got This! – Gig Gab 17

When someone in your band says, “I’ve got this,” on stage or before a gig, what exactly does that mean? And can you trust that they’re actually prepared? What happens when YOU say it? Does it really mean you’ve got it, or are you sometimes just leading yourself to believe you’ve prepared enough when you haven’t? What are your trouble spots and how do you work around them? All this and more in this week’s Gig Gab!