Challenging Tunes & Chemistry – GigGab 36

It’s always good to learn to play something that’s outside of your comfort zone, and that’s exactly what both Paul and Dave have spent the last week doing. They discuss their challenges and successes, dissecting the nuances of what those lessons are teaching each of them. Then it’s on to band chemistry. Everyone in the band plays multiple roles, each feeding off of one another. A successful band is a careful balance of happy accidents, and your two favorite weekend warriors talk through it all!

Reflections, Goals and Gear Gab – GigGab 35

It’s autumn now, and we share our reflections from the summer and our musical goals for the next few months. Gear Gab makes its first appearance (unplanned, we swear!), and it’s pretty obvious this will be a regular segment on future Gig Gab podcasts. Some stuff we discussed:

Not The English Version of “Pissed” – GigGab 34

Ever felt like the weakest member of a band? That’s the surprise question that Paul asked Dave today… and Dave has plenty of “yes” stories to share. Confidence in one another and having a shared musical language are two very important factors in the foundation of a band. Also, does it matter if a drummer plays traditional versus matched grip? Listen as your two favorite Weekend Warriors talk through all this and then go back and forth on their favorite Beatles songs to play. Share your favorites with the guys, too!