Guitar looping pro David Shanhun at the mic, Gig Gab Podcast 262 Episode Image

David Shanhun: Looping, Streaming, Playing — Gig Gab 262

With David Shanhun, his smooth vocals and articulate guitar work are what you hear, but under the surface is an equal masterpiece of David’s looping and arrangements.

It doesn’t stop there: David has taken his fantastic YouTube channel and begun using it to help teach other musicians how to integrate looping into their performances, increasing everyone’s game.

Join us today to learn more about David, hear some looping tips, and some great stories, to boot!

Picture of socially-distanced stage for live music in the Pandemic, Gig Gab 261 Cover image

Playing the Pandemic Stage — Gig Gab 261

Paul and Dave have been secretly working together on a project with their old band, and today that finally was released. Hear your two favorite weekend warriors talk about the process of recording (and coordinating!) a song in quarantine.

Last night, Dave played the first pandemic gig of Gig Gab’s history, and he and Paul talk through the process that got Dave to the stage, as well as the experience of actually doing it. Press play, enjoy, and remember: Always Be Performing!

Picture of stairs down to the stage with text Re-Entry Anxiety — Gig Gab 260

Re-Entry Anxiety — Gig Gab 260

It’s June, 2020, and your two favorite weekend warriors haven’t played a gig in months. As the reality of that “next gig” sets in—as the reality of interacting with society again sets in—it’s pretty clear that re-entry anxiety is alive and well. Both Paul and Dave are experiencing it in different ways and, as will come as no surprise, they’re happy to talk about it. In fact, talking about it seems to help! Listen in as they share their very different thoughts from two very different areas of the USA.

Meanwhile, all the home studio recording and Zooming and streaming is going strong, and listener Michael has a question about audio interfaces. Never ones to shy away from offering a helping hand, Paul and Dave share several different recommendations, talking through all the details.

Check it out, press play, and always be performing! (and wash your hands)

Guitar and amp waiting patiently by the doorway with text Almost Willing — Gig Gab 259

Almost Willing… — Gig Gab 259

We all love gear, and your two favorite weekend warriors have even more of it to talk about this week for you. Plus, Dave’s come up with a new addition to his woodshed routine to keep himself going during lockdown.

Speaking of lockdown, listener Mike has some thoughts to share with us all about what the next gig or rehearsal might look like, and Dave and Paul take that and run with it, sharing their thoughts, as well.

Press play, enjoy, and always be performing. Oh, and let’s not forget to keep washing our hands, OK?

area 52 studios console for gig gab 258 with Dave Cook

Dave Cook: Streaming Sound Advice, Love Shack, Carly Simon, and More — Gig Gab 258

Dave Cook, long-time audio engineer and owner of Area 52 Studios joins your two favorite weekend warriors today with stories, advice, and more.

Dave shares how he “accidentally” wound up engineering “Love Shack” as well as Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, what rules Bernard Purdie laid down (before he laid down the grooves!), how he started his road career with Carly Simon, and more.

Dave also brings decades of advice to help guide us all with our live streaming setups, discussing different ways of getting that pristine sound, as well as that not-so-pristine sound… depending upon what you’re after!

Listen, along with your hosts Paul Kent and Dave Hamilton, as Dave Cook weaves all these stories and tips together for you all. Press play and enjoy!