Dave Cook, long-time audio engineer and owner of Area 52 Studios joins your two favorite weekend warriors today with stories, advice, and more.

Dave shares how he “accidentally” wound up engineering “Love Shack” as well as Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, what rules Bernard Purdie laid down (before he laid down the grooves!), how he started his road career with Carly Simon, and more.

Dave also brings decades of advice to help guide us all with our live streaming setups, discussing different ways of getting that pristine sound, as well as that not-so-pristine sound… depending upon what you’re after!

Listen, along with your hosts Paul Kent and Dave Hamilton, as Dave Cook weaves all these stories and tips together for you all. Press play and enjoy!

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Steve Graves · June 4, 2020 at 10:08 pm EDT

I love your podcast! I always recommend it to my gigging friends as well as my music teacher friends. There is so much great information in this podcast, but I did want to point out some possible “disinformation” that I have heard in the last couple COVID-related podcasts. Regarding playing with horns, a couple of your guests have voiced about playing with horns and “spit spraying out” everywhere and so forth. As a band teacher as well as gigging musician, I need to let you know that there have been several very recent studies that pointed out that horns DO NOT spray things out. It’s not really the way horns work, actually – very little air (or anything else) actually comes out of the end of the instrument. In fact, singing produces MUCH more aerosol spray than horns, so what we DO need to be concerned with is the placement of singers, sanitizing mics, and the like. The usual 6 feet is fine for horn players.
Anyways, like I said, I love your podcast and the info gained from it, just wanted to pass this info along!

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