Join Dave Hamilton and guest co-host Mike Schulte from Pork Tornadoes and Confused Breakfast on Gig Gab 436! Dive into the wild world of subbing as a drummer, but beware—your online persona might just scare off potential gigs by making you seem too busy. Mike shares hilarious tales and sage advice on learning and teaching beat placement, ensuring you make that click disappear and even become your new best friend. And hey, learning to love modern country music? Trust us, it’s a thing.

Get ready to burn the charts in effigy as you explore techniques to learn new songs quickly (shout out to Discover the differences between sub gigs and pickup gigs, and figure out if you want to be just another bar band or strive for cover band greatness.

Don’t miss the Gear Gab segment on UE Pro Universals—because let’s face it, Always Be Performing means having the right gear to rock out in style.


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