Gig Gab 273 Episode Image with baseball hat on guitar and text "You Haven't Seen My Fastball...Yet!"

You Haven’t Seen My Fastball… Yet! — Gig Gab 273

Have you heard Grand Funk’s version of “Feelin’ Alright”? Would you put that in your band’s setlist? More importantly, would that song be right for your band’s setlist? Listen as Paul and Dave talk about pulling together a band with a focus more on performing than playing the songs everyone wants to hear.

Up first, though, Dave played a few gigs this weekend, and has some interesting experiences to share from it all…and Paul re-experienced the Lefsetz Letter. Good stuff!

Press play and listen to Paul and Dave talk through this and more!

Gig Gab 272 Episode image with piano path and text "Keep Your Feet Moving"

Keep Your Feet Moving — Gig Gab 272

This week starts with some Cool Stuff Found in terms of apps for your phone that might just make your life easier. Then, Paul and Dave get into the question: where are you and your band going? What are your plans. Your two favorite weekend warriors talk about how they’re keeping their feet moving, creating the opportunities to keep things moving forward. Press play and then share your thoughts with us at

Gig Gab 271 Episode Image with text "Playing For The Love of Music"

Playing For the Love of Music — Gig Gab 271

One of the silver linings of our current reality is appreciating some of the things we might have taken for granted in the past. Playing music for the love of it certainly tastes a lot sweeter today than it did six months ago, and Dave and Paul talk through some of the current and future benefits of that.

Of course, it’s not Gig Gab without some practical advice, and Dave shares his experience — and thoughts about — interacting with a sound engineer for the first time. Then it’s on to streaming, Facebook, and more. Press play and you’ll hear it all!

  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 271 – Monday, September 14, 2020
  • 00:00:53 The Opportunity to Rock!
  • 00:06:50 The sound engineer negotiation
    • Offer help, build trust
    • Ask if what you need is possible
  • 00:10:35 Every pro engineer: The vocals question!
  • 00:15:04 Monitors: Survival or Spoiled?
  • 00:20:41 Playing Music for the love of it
    • Covid brings that?
  • 00:33:26 Facebook Isn’t Banning You, But You Should Move Anyway
  • 00:51:36 GG 271 Outtro
Gig Gab 270 episode image with picture of Red Rocks and text "Where is Live Music Going?"

Where is Live Music Going? — Gig Gab 270

What’s the future of live music going to look like? Pandemic or not, the momentum of change was already palpable. Did the pandemic accelerate it? Listens as Paul and Dave share their thoughts on what they’re seeing and where it’s going.

But first, a few Cool Things Found, including a new Logic plug-in AND a new feature in Zoom. Press play, and join your two favorite weekend warriors. Don’t forget: Always Be Performing!