Honor Among … Musicians – GigGab 54

If a musician plays and no one is there to hear him or her, does it still matter? You bet it does, and Paul and Dave talk about why. Then it’s on to why recording yourself when you’re all alone matters, too… you’ll learn a lot from this episode, we promise! You’ll also learn about whether or not it’s important to be true to who you are and, finally, whether or not there’s honor among thieves musicians. All of this (and more?) included in this week’s GigGab!

Choosing Songs… and Recording Them! – GigGab 53

FLING has begun recording some of their originals and Dave talks about the process of not only getting the recording started but also just how they go about picking which tunes to record. This, of course, opens up a discussion that relates to all types of bands, including those who play only covers. Paul and Dave discuss the nuances of recording and share their favorite tips, as well. Paul makes a point of reminding everyone exactly what the purpose of a demo is, and offers some fantastic tips to make sure yours stands out!

The Money Talk and All-Star Bands – GigGab 52

Paul’s been tasked with forming (another) All-Star band, this time made up of Bay Area musicians, and he and Dave discuss the options and obstacles involved with putting that together. Then it’s time to answer listener Kevin’s question about money. Always a big topic amongst weekend warriors, the Money Talk gets your two favorite working musicians all worked up about the right – and wrong – ways to do things. Listen in, folks, for all this and more!

Cover Band Central’s Steve Witschel – GigGab 51

A weekend warrior turned full-time warrior, Steve Witschel went from working real jobs and just playing weekend gigs to playing full-time in New Orleans. He likes to say he’s a worldwide musician that gets to stay in one place because of the variety of people he sees, and he’s got the stories to prove it. Steve started his Cover Band Central Facebook page which is now followed by almost 16,000 people. Check out what he has to say about doing that and more on this week’s GigGab!

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What Not To Do On Stage (Paul and Dave have done it!) – GigGab 50

This week it’s all about Yacht Rock and golf. No, not really, mostly it’s about what’s the right way to present yourself on stage as Paul and Dave talk through the Seven Deadly Performance Sins … and how NOT to commit them. But there’s a little bit about Yacht Rock and golf. Enjoy!

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