Gig Gab 276 Episode Image with "Lead Singer Takeover"

Lead Singer Takeover — Gig Gab 276

Ever been in a band where you realized one member was getting all the attention and you weren’t? It happens, and your two favorite weekend warriors have been there. Listen as Paul and Dave talk through this. First, though, a bit of gab about what you can do now to keep your band together and keep focused on creating with one another.

“Always Be Performing” is our motto here, and there are a lot of ways to achieve that! Press play and enjoy, then send your thoughts, questions, and topic ideas to

  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 276 – Monday, October 19, 2020
  • 00:00:50 Collaborating with Songwriter Friends
  • 00:07:53 Maintaining Your Band’s Camaraderie and Engagement
  • 00:16:00 New Springsteen and New Petty
  • 00:17:17 Mike-When The Lead Singer Takes Over
  • 00:37:50 GG 276 Outtro
Gig Gab 275 Episode Image — musicians sitting in a circle "Making a Band a Family"

Making a Band a Family — Gig Gab 275

Is your band dynamic is a family dynamic? Or is it a business-only relationship? How does that work out? These are the questions that Paul and Dave not only discuss, but percolate throughout as they go through a few other topics, too.

Of course, your two favorite weekend warriors spend a few minutes sharing their Eddie Van Halen stories and memories, too. He was—and remains—a legend.

Press play, and don’t forget: Always Be Performing!

Gig Gab 274 episode image. Musician playing some obscure instrument with text "Uncommon Hits"

Uncommon Hits — Gig Gab 274

It’s time for you to shine! Well, two of you, anyway. This week, Paul and Dave dig into the mailbag to share some of your thoughts and answer your questions. Listen as your two favorite Weekend Warriors talk through getting your band back together, communicating with your audience in new ways, the streaming formula and, yes, uncommon hits! Press play and enjoy… and then please send us your thoughts to

  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 274 – Monday, October 5, 2020
  • 00:01:44 Getting the Band Back Together
  • 00:09:56 Gord: Re-Tooling Your Setlist During the Pandemic
  • 00:16:30 The streaming formula
  • 00:21:48 Eric: Choosing Uncommon Songs (GG273 Follow-up)
  • 00:38:32 Heil PR-37
    • Massively-increased off-axis/rear-rejection compared to PR-35
    • excellent presence and high-end articulation. Good for the Dave-voice!
    • Designed with FOH engineers  for loud stages.
    • Tight pattern, but not too tight (like the Telefunkens)
  • 00:42:19 NAMM is Disneyland for Musicians
  • 00:44:26 GG 274 Outtro