The Significant Other Discussion – Gig Gab 12

It took 11 episodes and a weekend chock full of (too many?) gigs to finally get your two working musician podcasters to let their guard down and enter the minefield that is discussing wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends. Whatever the label, it’s probably a bad idea to record this discussion. And then they released it, here for your listening pleasure. Send in your thoughts about this episode to Paul and Dave would love to hear what you have to say about this one.

Guitar Sounds and Band Politics – Gig Gab 11

Your two favorite working musicians throw off their flak jackets and address two of the most opinionated topics possible: guitar tones and band politics. What could go wrong? Turns out, not too much. Paul and Dave navigate through these treacherous waters and dig out the nuggets just for you. Have an opinion of your own? Send it into and the guys will address it!

Stuff Mentioned:

Gear Talk (Drums and Sound) – Gig Gab 10

Gear is fun, and most musicians spend more time thinking and talking about gear — and money spent paying for gear — than just about anything else related to their hobby. It’s high time your favorite Weekend Warriors dug into this conversation and this week’s episode digs into Dave’s drum gear and then into the mixing consoles that the guys each use for their gigs. Listen up!

The Trainwreck Discussion – Gig Gab 9

Every musician goes through the on-stage train wreck at times, and Paul and Dave are no exception. They talk through their train wrecks and, more importantly, how they dealt with them. A great discussion, and one you can contribute to, as well. Send in your stories to and join in the fun!