Rehearsal Sound … and a Peek Inside the Drummer’s Mind – GigGab 58

Playing on stage means (at least occasionally) playing in a rehearsal room. But how sacred is that room? Do your experiences there need to be as special as they are on stage? Do you work to make it feel and sound good in that space, or does it just serve a purpose, like a rusty hammer? Listen as Dave and Paul talk through their differing opinions here. Then Paul digs into Dave’s drummer mind, asking him what he thinks about when he’s on stage … and what Dave’s perception of his on-stage job really is.

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Live Clicks, Strained Singing, Paul Rodgers and The Cure! – GigGab 57

After delaying a day Paul and Dave take to the mics and let their headcold-infused minds loop their way through the topics for this week’s show. Paul’s excited about some new tunes that he’s doing with The Houserockers and, well, heck, he’s excited about everything today! Hear him and Dave talk through those tunes plus visit subjects like using a click live, singing without straining, Paul Rodgers and … The Cure! The topics are varied, yes, but you know your two favorite weekend warriors and they address them all very passionately. Download and enjoy!

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In-Ear Talk & Being Inspired by Live Music – GigGab 56

Well, folks, it took over a year but we all knew it had to happen sooner or later… Dave brought up the subject of this band Paul saw last night and the episode never turned back. Yep, you guessed it… Bruce Springsteen was the topic of conversation during the second-half of this week’s episode, and that led to a few interesting tangents. Ahead of that, though, was a discussion about in-ear monitor mixes, including some tips that Dave has learned over the years to get – and keep – things right!

Working with Masters of Their Craft – GigGab 55

This week Paul and Dave have a verbal jam session, riffing off each others’ ideas and discussing whatever comes to mind. Topics include subbing, some recently-tested gear, working with masters of their craft and playing music for music’s sake. The show follows more of a flow than you might think reading these topics, though, so just press play and start listening! Stuff mentioned: