Talking Endorsement Deals with Music Industry Veteran Daniel East – GigGab 33

Drummer, sound engineer, artist relations master and industry consultant Daniel East joins Paul and Dave tonight to share his experiences and expertise about getting endorsement deals. These types of relationships with your favorite equipment and instrument manufacturers are available to musicians at all levels, and we’d love to see you forge a relationship with your favorite vendor. Listen for advice and inspiration and then let us know how it goes at!

Stuff mentioned:

Self-Analysis, Dummy Detection and Playing in the Pocket – GigGab 32

How do you deal with the less-restrained members of the audience at your gigs? Paul and Dave aren’t sure they’re doing it correctly and talk through a few of their scenarios and tactics. Dave’s wrist is still in recovery, but he’s finding that playing without it has taught him some new tricks as he’s forced to re-approach his instruments. That’s a good thing for all of us to do from time to time. Finally, Paul’s curious about the elusive “pocket” and specifically about playing behind the beat. Is it a real thing? He and Dave discuss.

Charity Gigs, Appreciation & Revelation – GigGab 31

Today Paul and Dave talk through the results of Dave’s wrist injury which, this week, meant canceling a gig. That led to some interesting revelations on the part of Dave and his FLING bandmates, and he shares the current state of those in the show. Then it’s on to more fun topics — playing. The concept of charity gigs enter the discussion, and both Dave and Paul share their thoughts on these wonderful opportunities. Finally, Paul played some fun gigs this weekend and has some interesting stories to share there, too.

A Tour Through Rolling Your Own Music Festival – GigGab 30

Paul was instrumental (no pun intended) in putting on the 3rd Annual Los Gatos Park Dance this past weekend, a musical festival-style event for over 5,000 people. He and Dave talk through all the nuances of putting on your own event, be it for 5,000 people or even just 50. It can work well for you regardless of size as long as you’re focused and well-intentioned. Listen today to learn how 110 pieces of plywood can serve as the foundation of a soul-warming good time!