People Behaving Badly – Stories From the Stage Vol. 1 – GigGab 67

Gigging musicians always have stories, some of them fantastic, some tales of woe. Today your two favorite Weekend Warriors dive into the pool and pull out a few of their favorites. Listen as Paul and Dave celebrate and commiserate together, then share your stories with them, too!

Dance Songs and Heart Breaks – GigGab 66

It’s time for the therapy couch today, but don’t worry, it ends with dance songs, we promise! First, Paul and Dave answer some of your questions. What does it mean to be a generous musician? How much gigging is too much gigging (or is there such a concept)? These are your questions and Paul and Dave have answers. Then your two favorite weekend warriors pull back the curtain a bit and discuss the tougher aspects of gigging, dealing with seeing other bands, respecting your own skills and more. But, as promised, it ends with dance songs, as all good gigs should.

Being Ready: Vocal Rehearsals and Physical Fitness – GigGab 65

Paul’s been doing a lot of vocal rehearsals lately as The Houserockers prep for their summer season, so he and Dave spend some quality time dissecting what makes a vocal rehearsal successful, including the main goal of doing such a thing. In addition, discussing that summer season prep leads your two favorite weekend warriors into a discussion about the tolls that performing takes, physically, and how they deal with that.

Putting Time and Effort Into Audience Curation – GigGab 64

Do you ever take requests? Do you ever post to Facebook to promote your band? Do you ever send out an email about your gigs? Do you think that’s even close to being enough to truly curate your audience? Paul and Dave have a very revealing chat about what they do – and what they used to do – to promote their musical endeavors. What do YOU do?

Hearing Protection, Leading Leaders and More – GigGab 63

It’s time to open up the mailbag, folks, and with questions about convincing your band to embrace technology and learning more about hearing protection, this one is guaranteed to inform and entertain! That plus some thoughts about being led… and leading leaders. Press play and enjoy!