From a Military Career to 1MM Followers, Guitarist Matt Gibson Shows the Way – GigGab 41

Guitarist, songwriter, marketer and entrepreneur Matt Gibson joins your two favorite weekend warriors to discuss building a business as a foundation for your musical endeavors. From growing over one million followers on Google+ to starting a podcast and experimenting with Facebook ads, Matt Gibson preaches the value of “social proof,” fame by association. Every musician out there can do a better job treating their art as a business in the right ways, and Matt shares some great advice from which we can all learn.

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The Rehearsal Dissection – GigGab 40

Paul’s straight off an airplane from Vegas. Dave literally hopped out of the drum stool from FLING rehearsal, walked five feet and sat in the podcast chair to record. This is your two favorite working musicians in a true flow state tonight, folks. Rehearsal was the topic, but it goes all over the place. Enjoy!

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The Songwriter’s Perspective with Mark Linsenmayer – GigGab 39

Songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist (and podcaster!) Mark Linsenmayer joins Paul and Dave this week to offer a different perspective on gigging and how it relates to non-cover material. Mark’s stories are varied and colorful, and even include quite a few references to when he and Dave played music together many years ago.

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7 Things Musicians Need To Do In Addition to Playing Shows – GigGab 38

Tonight Paul and Dave go deep into what makes them tick as musicians… and into what ticks them off! Following a great article that Paul found, he and Dave talk through the 7 Things Musicians Need To Do Besides Playing Music, and it brings your two favorite Weekend Warriors down a very revealing path. What’s important to you as a musician or a music fan? Let Paul and Dave know right here!

A Song’s Path from Rehearsal Room to Stage – GigGab 37

Every band needs songs, and your band is no different. Neither, it turns out, are the bands that Paul and Dave play in. With that, they talk about three very different processes that they use in their bands for selecting and working songs from the germ of an idea to playing in front of an audience. Perhaps one of those will resonate with you, or perhaps you’ll have a suggestion for improving on one (or more) of them. Let your favorite weekend warriors know in the comments right here!