Of Sound, Promo & Merchandise – Gig Gab 17

This week Paul and Dave start with a discussion about promotion — how much falls on you with your band and how much falls on the venue? Then it’s on to managing sound at a gig, including a few pro-tips from your Weekend Warriors. Paul then surprises Dave with a pop-quiz about Memorial Day-themed songs. All that, plus a quick wrap-up about Merchandise and its true value to your band. Enjoy!

Live Music is Worth Something – Gig Gab 15

Have you ever taken — or been tempted to take — a non-paying gig? Paul and Dave certainly have and they tell their tales of woe in this week’s episode. Have some thoughts on this subject? Have a set of nineties-era tunes that you think will stand the test of time? Send ’em in to feedback@giggabpodcast.com and your two favorite weekend warriors will share them in a future episode!

Of Monsters and Men – Gig Gab 14

What happens if you’re the very best musician in your band? How about if you’re the worst? Paul and Dave talk through these scenarios, and (in their minds, anyway!) they’ve both been in both places. Hear some war stories that help illustrate what works and what doesn’t, too! As always, feedback@giggabpodcast.com is where to send your feedback and stories!

Digging Into The Woodshed – Gig Gab 13

This episode is all about practice. How do you practice? What do you practice? Do you have a plan? What’s your plan? How often? And then… what’s the difference between practice and rehearsal? (and do you want to play with musicians that don’t yet know the answer to that question?). All of this and more, discussed by Paul and Dave this week on GigGab. Email feedback@giggabpodcast.com with your questions, comments and more!