Finding Ways to Express Your Musical Vision – GigGab 24

This week Paul and Dave follow-up on last week’s interview with The Tommy Experience’s Pieter Hounslow (where Dave sang Pinball Wizard) by talking through different ways we all find to express our musical visions and needs. Answering the question, “what would be your favorite project to play with?” is an interesting — and evidently difficult — exercise!

Pieter Hounslow from Sweden’s “Tommy Experience” – GigGab 23

This week Paul and Dave are joined by Pieter Hounslow from Sweden’s “Tommy Experience,” a Who Tribute project. The discussion covers all manner of topics, including what it’s like to put on a true tribute show, singing technique and more. Thanks to Pieter for coming all the way from Sweden to join us!

Answers to Listener Questions and How To Make Your Gigs Unforgettable – GigGab 22

Paul and Dave start off by answering listener questions; First it’s a seemingly-easy question about who pays for instrument rentals (that turns out to be not such an easy question!). Then it’s the nuances of negotiating how to play in a two-guitar band. After that your two favorite Weekend Warriors discuss what it takes to make your gig unforgettable. Throughout, Dave shares his thoughts about the Grateful Dead… and Paul thinks some folks might not be so grateful for Dave’s thoughts!