Whose Mistakes Most Often Turn Into Trainwrecks? – GigGab 74

music-staff-mistakePaul and Dave come together today to ponder the subject of responsibility, and that leads to discussing which instrument bears the most responsibility for keeping the train on the tracks. A thoughtful, spirited discussion ensues, and your two favorite Weekend Warriors find they’re on common ground. Drummers, you might not be happy with Dave today! Before that, though, Paul talks through his All-Star Band gig this past weekend, and Dave talks about continually retraining his brain. Enjoy!

Abbey Road and All-Star Bands – GigGab 73

Abbey-Road-Studio1-MixerDave’s back from a tour of Abbey Road Studios and Paul’s in the final stages of pulling together his latest All-Star Band project, which means your two Weekend Warriors have a lot to talk about. Listen to hear all about all of this… and more!

It Pays to Leave Your Comfort Zone – GigGab 72

couch-and-guitarAs it often happens, today’s show starts and stems from the gigs your two favorite weekend warriors have played … and seen! Paul and Dave talk about some of the recent lessons they’ve learned performing and watching, and it all seems to center around finding your way out of your comfort zone. Dedication, determination, schtick, persistence, musicianship and focus are all parts of it. Always be performing!