What’s the future of live music going to look like? Pandemic or not, the momentum of change was already palpable. Did the pandemic accelerate it? Listens as Paul and Dave share their thoughts on what they’re seeing and where it’s going.

But first, a few Cool Things Found, including a new Logic plug-in AND a new feature in Zoom. Press play, and join your two favorite weekend warriors. Don’t forget: Always Be Performing!

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Rob · September 11, 2020 at 5:37 am EDT

I can only tell you what’s happening in my locale, what restaurants are doing here, to keep some sort of business, is in outside areas such as the parking lot, they are putting up semi permanent tents or even building inexpensive patios and putting out as many tables as they can. While maintaining social distancing per table.
They are having Solo artists and duos, to try and draw people out. So there is some hope there, people want to go hear music, but they do take precautions. So far so good, but some venues do get shut down if they don’t follow certain protocols. Unfortunately our Unexpected Duo summer gig was one.
It’s interesting because you both are on the two coasts hearing your different perspectives on topics.

    Dave Hamilton · September 11, 2020 at 8:57 am EDT

    Thanks for the comment, Rob! Yeah, my (Dave’s) experience here in New Hampshire is very much similar to yours with restaurants/clubs either leveraging their existing outdoor spaces, or making their own. Several towns, Portsmouth among them, have approved turning a few streets into one-way thoroughfares, dedicating the “other side” of the street to outdoor dining areas for the various restaurants along them.

    It’s not perfect, but… nothing is right now (or ever?).

    I need to dig more into the science behind the risks of indoor vs. outdoor dining. I’ve learned not to trust “my feelings” on the subject and rather learn from the experts (usually as a group… and only when the group agrees!). I’m not overly hopeful that I’ll find real data that makes me feel comfortable indoors, but it’s worth asking the question, “what if everything I think I know is incorrect?”

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