If your band can successfully employ the concept of intentional inclusivity with your crowd, you are destined for success. Listen as Paul and Dave open up this topic, and then send in your own thoughts to [email protected].

First, though, a conversation about subbing percolates to the importance of confidence. No matter where you are, you’ve gotta be able to rock when it’s time to rock. Your favorite weekend warriors have some experience with this on both sides of the coin, and they’re happy to share.

Press play, listen, enjoy, and then share your thoughts, too!

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Nate Morefield · October 16, 2019 at 2:03 pm EDT

I’m a multi-instrumentalist (banjo, mandolin, accordion & whistle) in a DFW based Celtic pub band called Plunk Murray. I discovered you guys about a year ago and have gotten so much out of listening to y’all. Some great ideas on band management, promotion and gigging.
But your discussion on inclusivity has added a new element to our band that has really taken hold. We’ve always tried to bring the crowd into our performances with sing-alongs, having fans on stage, Irish toasts, etc. And we always try to get photos with our fans at shows for our social media pages. But after hearing your discussion we came up with #PlunkNation. At our staple pub gig, we run a laptop with our logo onto the big screen TV behind us while we play. But now we’re putting those fan photos into that slideshow with the label #PlunkNation. We’re also working the term “Plunk Nation” into our onstage banter. “Thanks for visiting Plunk Nation tonight,” etc.
Anyway, it’s a small thing but has already started to help our reputation as a fun entertainment option, not just a band that plays some pretty good Irish music. Thanks guys!

    Dave Hamilton · June 9, 2021 at 1:03 pm EDT

    Hi Nate! So sorry I missed this months (er, years!) ago when it came in, my friend. I LOVE this idea about #PlunkNation. How is that going now? Were you able to leverage it at all during COVID, etc?

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