Dive into Gig Gab 435 where Dave Hamilton teams up with guest co-host Adam Johnson from Cover Band Confidential for an electrifying episode. They kick things off with recent gig adventures, including the thrill of corporate live band karaoke and the indispensable value of rehearsals when subbing. Adam and Dave share insights on transitioning from analog to digital mixers, highlighting gear like Behringer XR and Mackie DL-series, and emphasizing the benefits of built-in compressors and parametric EQs for your weekend warrior band. As always, remember to “Always Be Performing.”

The conversation doesn’t stop there. Adam introduces his B.A.N.D. system, a treasure trove of inspiration to keep you moving forward without fear of failure. They explore the allure of new gear like baritone guitars and share tips for staying awake on long drives home from gigs, with sunflower seeds and Diet Mountain Dew as trusty companions.

The episode wraps up with shoutouts to must-listen podcasts like Disgraceland, Strong Songs, and Adam’s Cover Band Confidential. Don’t miss this jam-packed session—share the show and keep the performance spirit alive!


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