Dive into the evolving world of bands with the latest Gig Gab podcast, exploring the critical theme of ‘Evolving Bands’ and the importance of defining your band’s unique identity. Hosts Paul Kent and Dave Hamilton engage in a thought-provoking discussion on why curiosity is crucial for musical growth and how understanding who you are as a band can significantly impact your musical journey. They also delve into the practical aspects of the music world, discussing the strategic decision-making involved in turning down gigs and the tools essential for managing band availability, like WheresTheGig?, Google Calendar and Slack. This segment is a must-listen for musicians navigating the complexities of gig schedules and collaborations.

Your two favorite weekend warriors then pivot to explore what it means to be a professional musician in today’s world. They discuss the dynamics of subbing in bands and the expectation of equal shares in such scenarios, likening musicians to ‘Musical Plumbers’ who are always ready to adapt and perform. The concept of a ‘Fantasy Houserockers League’ adds a playful twist to the conversation, emphasizing the versatility required in the music industry. Additionally, the episode sheds light on the less glamorous but essential ‘Wallpaper Gigs’ and the invaluable experiences they provide.

The highlight of the episode is the discussion on the benefits and energy derived from playing club gigs, with a special mention of ‘Toad’s Place The Documentary’. This insightful episode concludes with a reminder of the show’s catchphrase, “Always Be Performing,” emphasizing the essence of live performance and collaboration in the music industry.


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miki hall · November 24, 2023 at 4:33 am EST

Talking about the difference playing clubs, it is the same for me mixing sound. i started out doing mostly clubs, in fact the one you mentioned in Campbell is where I started, The Bodega,(Stoneground with Mickey Thomas singing was night #1) national headliners every Thursday and many Friday, Saturday, and more.(Elvin Bishop, Steppenwolf, Dave Mason, Firefall, Doobie Brothers, Leon Russel, Johnny Winter, Rick Derringer, Pat Benetar, The Tubes, Boz Scaggs, Lee Michaels, Gamma, Iron Butterfly, Savoy Brown, BB King, Bo Diddley, Neil Young, Joan Baez, The Motels, Y & T….) Smokey Mountain, had some nationals but a lot of regional big guns, (Robert Berry, Eddie and the Tide, )The Laundry Works down town, (new wave, college indie bands, breakthrough bands- Faith No More, Camper Van Beethoven, Kingpins) Keystones,(national acts) Ruthies Inn in Berkeley (the beginning of Thrash, Metallica, Exodus) One Step Beyond (Motorhead, The Ramones, Living Colour, Faith No More, Jane’s Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cheap Trick, Plasmatics, Stray Cats, Fishbone, chris Isaac, Primus, Thomas Dolby, Untouchables, and on and on) many other clubs as well. Odyssey Room, Saddlerack, ….
Then when I went to work for Bel-Aire their clientele was mostly art and wine festivals, fairs, concert series, corporate parties, etc. and very few club dates. Plus clubs were getting few and far between. I did not realize how much I missed the club scene. When I got put in the rotation early last year at Club Fox It was like old times. I am getting to mix consistently great bands again, local and national, (Pat Travers a couple weeks ago, Lydia Pense earlier this year, Elvin Bishop) on an exceptional sound system THAT I DO NOT HAVE TO SET UP and I only have to bring a set of headphones!
Now its winter and where i would normally have very few gigs from December thru March I have as many dates as I want at the club. I’ve established a great repoire with the owner and outside promoter (Latin Rock Inc.) and bands. Maybe because the audience pays a cover charge unlike the festivals, and its more intimate and they chose to come and hear music more than maybe socializing and attending a multifaceted event. Though i also enjoy working with that great local band, what is it, the Houserockers who always pack them in! I digress…..

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