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Thinking of the Stage – Gig Gab 252

Paul and Dave start today’s show with a detour about… playing live! Sure, we can’t do this right now, but that means now is a great time to stop and think about some of the more overlooked aspects of your live show and setup. We’re out of the grind of playing every week (or every night), sure, and that allows us the gift of perspective. What things about our live shows can we change? What can we work on right now? Dave has a few ideas that he and Paul talk through.

Then it’s time to talk about mixing your streams, and whether streaming is the right thing for you versus record-and-release.

Listen as your two favorite weekend warriors talk about how they played this weekend and what they did!

Headshot of Steve Witschel from Cover Band Central on Gig Gab Podcast 251

Cover Band Central’s Steve Witschel on Live Streaming and More – Gig Gab 251

Steve Witschel returns to Gig Gab after four years to talk about the evolution of his Cover Band Central site and Facebook groups. Things have grown quite a bit for CBC since Steve chatted with your two favorite weekend warriors, and they go through that evolution together.

Steve’s also spent quite a bit of time perfecting – and teaching – the nuances of live-streaming. He, Paul, and Dave talk through all of this, too, offering you a ton of great tips and tricks to make your live streams even more successful for you and your audiences.

Live Streaming Tech and Trusting The Muse – Gig Gab 250

As promised, Paul and Dave talk through what they know and have learned about setting yourself up to live stream from your house or studio. There are definitely some tips and tricks, and your two favorite weekend warriors share as many of them as they’ve found.

Then it’s on to embracing the muse. Dave had an epiphany moment this past weekend when he broke through his sadness of sequester and started tracking drums, only to find that there was an even better drum part for a new FLING song waiting right around the corner. Listen as he dissects these two and compares live in the show.

Have fun, experiment, and remember: always be performing!

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The Evolution of Online Busking – Gig Gab 249

Dave watched the new “Laurel Canyon: A Place in Time” movie that premiered (virtually) at SXSW 2020 last week, so he starts us off with a review about that. Great stories and great memories abound.

Online busking has become more a thing than ever, and Paul and Dave talk through some of what they’re seeing, what the future holds, and how the beginnings of podcasting give us some perspective on it all.

Next week, we’ll talk about the tech that you’ll eventually be using to do all your online busking, so please send in your questions for your two favorite weekend warriors to consider: – For now, just keep doing what you’re doing. We love you for it!

Cancelations Mean … Opportunity – Gig Gab 248

Paul and Dave both had gig cancelations, as did many of you. Some of you figured out how to perform anyway, in a safe manner, and that’s inspiring to all of us. Your two favorite weekend warriors talk through some of the things they’re doing, and you’ll even get to hear a sneak peek at the Bitter Pill album Dave recently discussed recording. Always be performing, indeed!

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Mike Dias, Executive Director of In-Ear Monitor International Trade Organization on Gig Gab 247

Mike Dias, a Career of In-Ears – Gig Gab 247

Mike Dias, long-time in-ear industry expert and now Executive Director of the In-Ear Monitor International Trade Organization, joins Paul and Dave this week. They chat about the history of in-ears, the future, solving problems, and more. They even touch on a few “hot button” topics, too, but you’ll have to listen to hear about that!

Who’s Driving The Bus? – Gig Gab 246

One of the best questions you can answer before you start to do anything musical is: who’s driving the bus?

Paul and Dave take this question through a few permutations. First, Dave laments some of the struggles he’s having getting his studio setup to the point where he can track some new Fling songs, and the question of who’s driving the bus of the recording project comes up.

Then it’s on to the topic of the Houserockers. Paul discusses the evolution of his band… and who’s driving the bus!

Lastly, it’s on to the acoustic format. A listener asks: “Who drives the bus here?” Well, you’ll have to listen to find out, won’t you?

When you’re finished – or, really, any time – drive your bus over to and share your thoughts, too!

  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 246 – Monday, March 2, 2020
  • 00:01:00 Dave-Setting up the recording studio… and struggling!
  • 00:12:41 Managing the rehearsals, pocket, and groove
  • 00:24:25 Acoustic Power Struggles
  • 00:45:26 GG246 Outtro

The In-Ear Transition – Gig Gab 245

Making the leap to in-ear monitors is one of the most difficult experiences any gigging musician can go through. From getting the right fit to getting the right mix to simply becoming comfortable with that new level of detachment, in-ears take dedication. The payoff is big, of course, in terms of being able to hear better and saving oneself from future hearing damage.

Dave watched Trey Anastasio battle this transition on stage over the past weekend. In response to that, Dave discusses a few of the tips and tricks he has applied when helping other musicians with this over the years.

But that’s not all, of course! Paul Kent is updating the songlist for his band, The Houserockers, and talks through not only the tunes, but the new process he and the band are using to learn them for their upcoming show season.

Plus, a quick update on AB5 just to wrap things up, and your two favorite weekend warriors are ready to go!

  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 245 – Tuesday, Feb 25, 2020
  • 00:00:48 The Musical Tourism Business Model
  • 00:02:32 Watching Trey Anastasio commit to in-ears
  • 00:23:21 Tweaking the rehearsal process
  • 00:39:22 California AB5 Update
  • 00:43:58 GG 245 Outtro

How Do You Scream? – Gig Gab 244

Listen, sometimes running a band isn’t fun. Sometimes it requires thinking about accounting and managing people and employment law and all that. Today’s Gig Gab digs into some of that not-fun stuff, specifically about managing shared band expenses and another bit about California’s AB5. Really, this stuff isn’t fun, but it’s necessary to think about, and Paul and Dave share their thoughts and invite yours.

But your two favorite weekend warriors do also ask the important question: How do you scream? After talking about accounting you’ll probably want to anyway.

  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 244 – Monday, Feb 17, 2020
  • 00:03:00 How do you scream?
  • 00:04:13 AB5 Follow-ups
  • 00:25:20 Jonathan-Managing Shared Band Expenses
  • 00:40:57 GG 244 Outtro

Recording – and Managing – Your Band: Gig Gab 243

Dave’s fresh out of the studio at The Noise Floor where he spent the weekend recording a new album with Bitter Pill. He’s got a lot of takeaways to share from that experience, and some new things to look forward to, as well.

Then he and Paul dig into – and praise – the concept of a band. What does that mean? How do you define it? How do you protect it? Those are the questions they begin to answer… or at least get clarity about asking! Listen as they dissect all of this and more, then send in your feedback, either in the comments here or at

  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 243 – Monday, Feb 10, 2020
  • 00:01:29 Dissecting a Successful Bitter Pill Recording Session
    • February RPM Challenge!
    • Isolation Studio benefits
    • Engineer benefits
    • Lesson: when producing your bandmates, be economical with language and time
    • Lesson: learn your DAW, specifically with regards to chopping takes together
    • Logic Pro Smart Tempo
  • 00:21:29 SPONSOR: CHAUVET DJ. The new GigBAR Move has moving head fixtures, wash light pars, strobes, and lasers on one, easy-to-setup bar.
  • 00:23:47 In praise of bands
  • 00:39:00 The Sociology of a Band
    • Temptation of other band members when different one changes
  • Gig Gab Episode 1 (or, well, 2).
  • 00:57:58 Live Mixers with USB Interfaces
  • 00:58:35 Midi 2.0
  • 01:01:21 GG 243 Outtro