Robert Berry Talks Carl Palmer, Steve Howe, Keith Emerson … and Cheerleader Camp! – GigGab 71

robert_berry_1200Robert Berry‘s musical career has followed his passion, and that’s led to him playing and collaborating with some of the best musicians on the planet. A true journeyman, he’s got some fantastic stories to tell, and that’s what we all love here on GigGab. Listen to the interview to hear Robert talk about getting an out-of-the-blue call from Carl Palmer, having that first lunch with Keith Emerson, sitting on the side of the stage watching The Who play to small audiences, collaborating with Steve Howe and playing at Cheerleader Camp! Throughout it all, it’s obvious that Robert stays true to who he is, and obviously loves it all.

Jan Hammer Talks Mahavishnu, Emerson, Hendrix, Jaco … and Getting the JuJu Happening! – GigGab 68

jan-hammer-with-lync-4by3Jan Hammer joins Paul and Dave today to share his own stories from throughout his life and career. From his start in Prague, the stories flow, including tales about Jan’s experiences with Jeff Beck, Keith Emerson, Jaco Pastorius, Neal Schon, Mahavishnu Orchestra and even Jimi Hendrix. There’s so much packed into these 43 minutes you’ll probably want to listen twice. Enjoy!

Cover Band Central’s Steve Witschel – GigGab 51

A weekend warrior turned full-time warrior, Steve Witschel went from working real jobs and just playing weekend gigs to playing full-time in New Orleans. He likes to say he’s a worldwide musician that gets to stay in one place because of the variety of people he sees, and he’s got the stories to prove it. Steve started his Cover Band Central Facebook page which is now followed by almost 16,000 people. Check out what he has to say about doing that and more on this week’s GigGab!

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The Coffis Brothers – GigGab 46

Kellen and Jamie Coffis – The Coffis Brothers – came and joined your two favorite weekend warriors to talk about what it takes to run a successful original band in today’s world. Between recording albums, touring, crafting their own events, singing harmonies, writing songs and managing band members, the Coffis Brothers have found the magic mix… and share their secrets with you on this week’s GigGab. If you’re in the bay area be sure to check them out this weekend at Don Quixote’s International Music Hall, Friday and Saturday night!

Steve Siacotos Talks Aha! Tunes and Scene Creation – GigGab 43

San Francisco Bay Area musician Steve Siacotos has been cultivating scenes and perfecting his craft while catering to audiences for decades. In addition to learning some of Steve’s favorite “aha!” tunes, you can hear the context around some great quotes like, “the audience is as important to the music as the band is,” “be friendly to other musicians,” and “you should be able to look into a room and tell who the musicians are.” All of this and more for you just as soon as you press “play!”

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The Songwriter’s Perspective with Mark Linsenmayer – GigGab 39

Songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist (and podcaster!) Mark Linsenmayer joins Paul and Dave this week to offer a different perspective on gigging and how it relates to non-cover material. Mark’s stories are varied and colorful, and even include quite a few references to when he and Dave played music together many years ago.

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Talking Endorsement Deals with Music Industry Veteran Daniel East – GigGab 33

Drummer, sound engineer, artist relations master and industry consultant Daniel East joins Paul and Dave tonight to share his experiences and expertise about getting endorsement deals. These types of relationships with your favorite equipment and instrument manufacturers are available to musicians at all levels, and we’d love to see you forge a relationship with your favorite vendor. Listen for advice and inspiration and then let us know how it goes at!

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Dave Brunyak from Pink Talking Fish – GigGab Podcast 26

dave-brunyak-eyes-closedDave Brunyak, currently playing guitar with the cleverly-named tribute act Pink Talking Fish, joins Paul and Dave today to talk about covering the music of others; learning Phish, the Talking Head and Pink Floyd; what it’s like playing in a tribute band, and why it makes perfect sense to have Slash and Jimmy Page influence your choice of gear. All this and more with Dave Brunyak!

Pieter Hounslow from Sweden’s “Tommy Experience” – GigGab 23

This week Paul and Dave are joined by Pieter Hounslow from Sweden’s “Tommy Experience,” a Who Tribute project. The discussion covers all manner of topics, including what it’s like to put on a true tribute show, singing technique and more. Thanks to Pieter for coming all the way from Sweden to join us!