Of course you’ve had to cancel gigs, and of course you’ve had gigs canceled. But did you feel the same about each of those scenarios?

Listen as Paul and Dave talk through their feelings on cancellations, and how they affect reputations, in general.

Dave had a last-minute gig come up, which led to a rehearsal, which led to a 3-hour drive where he listened to all three of Fling’s EPs…and he shares his reactions to the evolution of that body of work.

Paul had four gigs in as many days, and threw a rehearsal in the middle for good measure. He muses on what it takes to keep a band together, and how that might evolve over time, too.

That’s not all, folks. Your two favorite weekend warriors have a couple of quick hits to share and get your reactions from, as well. Send ’em in to [email protected].

Oh, and always be performing, eh?


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