Welcome to the Gig Gab podcast, hosted by Dave Hamilton and Paul Kent. In this episode, they discuss vocal warm-ups, email marketing, and microphone reviews. Let’s dive into the details.

Vocal Warm-Ups

At the beginning of the podcast, Dave and Paul talk about the importance of vocal warm-ups before a performance. Paul recommends the straw training technique, which uses negative air pressure to help improve your singing voice. They also mention R.E.M.’s “Finest Worksong” as a song that works for Dave to use for warm-ups.

I Want More Email!

Dave and Paul share their thoughts on social networks and their limitations when it comes to staying in touch with your favorite artists. They advise subscribing to the mailing lists of creators you like in order to guarantee that you receive their updates. They also recommend Mailchimp and Bandzoogle as useful email marketing tools.

The Very Occasional Band

The hosts discuss the challenges of managing a band when its members have other commitments. They talk about “The Very Occasional Band” and how they have managed to maintain their creative output despite busy schedules.

UpTown Celebration Rehearsal, not Practice

Dave and Paul discuss the difference between rehearsals and practice sessions. They advise against using rehearsal time for individual practice and suggest that band members come prepared to rehearsals.

Paul’s Central Coast Band

The hosts talk about Paul’s experiences playing in his Central Coast band. The conversation then evolves into how some bands put their own spin on classic songs, like Everclear’s cover of “Brown Eyed Girl.”

Microphone Reviews

Dave reviews the Sennheiser Profile USB-C Streaming Condenser Mic and discuss its pros and cons. They also ask for listener feedback on the Mojave Audio MA-D Dynamic Microphone.


In this episode of Gig Gab, Dave and Paul cover a wide range of topics related to performing and managing a band. From vocal warm-ups to email marketing and microphone reviews, they share their insights and experiences with listeners. Be sure to tune in for the next episode of Gig Gab for more tips and tricks.


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