In this week’s Gig Gab podcast, hosts Paul Kent and Dave Hamilton delve into the intricacies of leading a band and securing lucrative gigs. The dynamic duo underscore the necessity for unified band goals and shared values, defying the notion that leadership rests solely on the shoulders of the band leader. They stress the importance of effective communication to maintain a harmonious group dynamic and avoid surprises. From a practical standpoint, they discuss the significance of band identity and the influence of everyone’s commitments on the group’s decisions. Throughout the discussion, they keep the listener reminded of their mantra: “Always Be Performing”.

Digging deeper, the hosts draw from their rich personal experiences, highlighting instances of unanticipated decisions by band members and the ensuing consequences. They outline the challenges in managing multiple commitments and the delicate balance of treating bandmates as friends versus business partners. Mentioning a handy app, “Where’s the Gig“, they demonstrate the use of modern tools to manage band commitments. They emphasize the importance of understanding band member’s thresholds in order to gain leverage, and the gradual shift from friendship to business-like interactions, essential for running a band professionally. Through a captivating anecdote of a sideman who changed his terms but stayed committed until replaced, they explore varied interpretations of commitment within a band.

Press play, enjoy, and always be performing!


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