In this week’s Gig Gab, Paul Kent and Dave Hamilton discuss the highs and lows of recent gigs, emphasizing the importance of delivering top-notch performances. They recount a canceled gig due to rain, revealing the strict cancellation policy that left them unpaid, despite perfect weather. Another Saturday gig faced multiple challenges, including a last-minute replacement bass player due to a COVID-19 test. Undeterred, they took the stage and powered through unforeseen setbacks, demonstrating their commitment to “Always Be Performing.”

Your two favorite weekend warriors also delve into the pressure of pleasing discerning audiences, sharing stories of gigs where last-minute changes and rivalries pushed them to excel. They touch on the benefits of chemistry within a band, adapting to new songs and challenges, and the simplicity of cover band gigs that allows for solid, enjoyable performances. Concluding with gratitude to the listeners and a brief break before their return in August, Paul and Dave reassure us all that they’ll always be performing, too, and delivering engaging content!


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