In Episode 398 of Gig Gab Podcast with hosts Paul Kent and Dave Hamilton, the duo explores the nuances of live performance and music. When an initial count-off is interrupted, your two favorite weekend warriors underscore the importance of recalibrating the “feeling” within the body to ensure a stellar performance.

They further delve into the technical aspect, highlighting the significance of playing to a click for maintaining impeccable timing and celebrating the joy of having perfect monitors which enhance the sonic experience both for artists and audiences alike.

Reacting to Adam from the VAM Band, discussions veer into the innovative concept of a band as a franchise and the dynamism of running a modular band, which offers flexibility and diversity in the music creation process.

In anticipation of Mike Schulte’s appearance next week, the episode briefly touches on upcoming gigs and the strategies in building ticketed events to ensure they not only sell but also cultivate a robust community of music lovers and aficionados.

The hosts emphasize that whether you’re playing in small gigs or ticketed events, one should “Always Be Performing” — the show’s thrilling catchphrase — embodying a spirit of unyielding excellence and engagement in every performance scenario. Through this approach, artists can foster a committed fan base while continuously honing their craft.


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