In this week’s Gig Gab, Paul Kent and Dave Hamilton start with a dive into the nuances of performing solo gigs. They discuss the importance of honing your skills, reading the room, and choosing the right material to resonate with your audience. Emphasizing that a solo gig isn’t just about the performance; it’s about the art that emerges from having the discipline to manage everything on your own. They also revisit the iconic MTV Unplugged series, highlighting its impact on music and performance. Remember, even if you don’t immediately win over your audience, don’t sweat it in the moment – instead, always be performing!

Your two favorite weekend warriors compare the dynamics of duos and trios, exploring gigs in private, often smoky clubs like biker bars and VFW halls, where everyone knows each other and the atmosphere is laid back and easy-going. Then it’s time for gear gab, where the gear talk gets real as they review Audigo’s pocket-sized recording studio, debate the quality of wireless vs. wired equipment, and discuss the range of microphone quality, mentioning brands like Shure, Telefunken, Heil, Sennheiser, and Warm Audio. The episode wraps up with a look at Ray-Ban Meta Glasses, an intriguing tool for artists, offering capabilities like live-streaming straight from your glasses…if you can hold still!

Press play and enjoy, folks!

  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 405 – Tuesday, November 28th, 2023
  • 00:01:43 The experience of a solo gig
    • Working on your chops
    • Reading the room
    • Don’t sweat (in the moment) if you don’t go over well
    • The discipline of everything being on your shoulders evolves into an expression of art
    • Learning to play the right material…and learning the material!
    • Revisiting MTV Unplugged
  • 00:10:37 Duos vs. Trios
  • 00:13:06 Gigs in Private (Smoky) Clubs
    • Inexpensive Drinks
    • Everyone knows each other
    • Laid back, blue-collar vibe
    • Example: Biker Bars, Elks Clubs, American Legion, VFW Halls
  • 00:21:22 Where’s the Meritocracy
    • Is it musical? No. It’s drink sales!
  • Gear Gab!
  • 00:48:48 Gig Gab 405 Outtro


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