In this week’s Gig Gab podcast with Paul Kent and Dave Hamilton you’ll dive into the essential nuances of social media for musicians. The key takeaway? Social media isn’t just a platform for advertising; it’s a vital space for being social and engaging with your audience. It’s about creating a community around your music and sharing your journey, not just promoting gigs.

Remember, in the ever-evolving world of music, “Always Be Performing” isn’t just about the stage; it’s about how you present and connect with your fans online too.

The episode also touches on the emotional rollercoaster musicians often face, like the ‘No-Gig Depression,’ a real phenomenon where the lack of performances can impact your mental well-being.

Then there’s the dilemma faced by Keith: clubs only wanting to book one version of your band, a classic case of supply versus demand in the music industry. It sparks an intriguing debate – is control the antithesis of art, or is it compromise?

Finally, a thought-provoking question: Are you just a musician, or are you a true bandmate? This question challenges you to reflect on your role and contribution to your musical collective.

Press play and enjoy, folks!


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