This week’s Gig Gab, guest co-host Mike Schulte joins Dave Hamilton as they dive into the diverse world of gigging. They kick off discussing New Year’s gigs, pondering if it’s a 2023 or 2024 gig – a unique time warp for musicians. The conversation shifts to the technicalities of in-ear monitors (IEMs), highlighting the need for updated molds as ears change shape. Brands like 64 Audio A-18s, JH Audio 16, and Alclair Dual XB get a mention. Next, they recount a tale of two gigs: one at Buddy Holly’s final venue, a memorable experience, and another, less stellar performance. The duo then ventures into the controversial territory of playing a gig while having Covid, discussing the use of Ableton to replace a sick band member, and mentioning the band Sleep Token.

Further into the podcast, Dave and Mike delve into audience expectations and the curious phenomenon of disliking a song but enjoying playing it. They switch gears to “Gear Gab”, focusing on the CAT-SASS cable system for large stages, Splitter Snakes, and running your own mixer, emphasizing the importance of reliable gear in a musician’s arsenal. The concept of state-dependent learning is explored, highlighting the mental load musicians carry, especially when worrying for one’s bandmates.

Lastly, they discuss the benefits and pitfalls of a silent stage, with a nod to the band Here Come the Mummies. Throughout, the hosts embody the show’s mantra, “Always Be Performing”, reinforcing the notion that regardless of the situation, a true performer adapts and thrives.


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