Diving deep into the heart of live performances, guest co-host Mike Schulte and Dave Hamilton kick things off with a critical eye on popular trends, emphasizing the unique appeal of embracing mainstream events and acts, illustrated by Diane Warren’s Relentless film at SXSW. The conversation swiftly moves into the nitty-gritty of music gigs, from the logistical challenges and rewards of fly-away gigs to negotiating tactics for musicians. The duo sheds light on the evolving landscape of live music, highlighting how bands at SXSW, like Richard Spaven and Winona Fighter, are increasingly relying on tracks to fill out their sound, underscoring the importance of adaptability in today’s music scene.

Diving further, Dave and Mike explore the significance of technology in enhancing live performances, advocating for the game-changing impact of in-ears and splitter snakes. They also share insights into the prowess of drummers at SXSW, singling out performances by Richard Spaven, and give a nod to the cinematic portrayal of The Black Keys in their upcoming documentary. Amid discussions on the cohesion within bands and the unparalleled joy of being part of one, they remind us that, at its core, being in a band is about the shared experience of creating and enjoying music together. Through it all, the ethos of “Always Be Performing” rings true, serving as a mantra for musicians to live by, whether they’re navigating the complexities of modern gigs or celebrating the simple pleasure of playing music with others.


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