This week on Gig Gab, Dave Hamilton welcomes guest cohost Adam Moskowitz from VAM Band, diving deep into the essence of musicianship and leadership. Adam shares his unique perspective on structuring your band life around personal commitments, showcasing how he manages the VAM Band. The discussion peels back the layers on how the “Bandleader Advantage” can help you book gigs that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, emphasizing the VAM Jam life where every performance counts. They touch upon the enriching experience the ingenious MySet Request App, enhancing gig interaction and fulfilling audience expectations—because, remember, you should always be performing.

Further, they explore the transformative insights gained from legendary performances, like Phish’s iconic Baker’s Dozen in 2017, and how these experiences can redefine your band’s approach to live shows, making each one a unique spectacle. Lessons from music giants like Paul McCartney and Flea are dissected to inspire musicians to transcend everyday gig logistics. The conversation shifts to practical tips on navigating the industry and the critical importance of protecting your rate turf. They wrap up with a focus on building a community around your band and reveal the creative origins of the VAM Band’s name, blending personal connections with dynamic musical expression.

Press play and enjoy, folks!


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