Selling Your Band! – Gig Gab Podcast 148

Selling Your Band - Gig Gab Podcast 148Is your band for sale? Of course it is! Otherwise you’re not getting paid. And if your band is for sale, then who is the salesperson? Listen to hear your long-time Weekend Warriors put on the relevant parts of their weekDAY hats and talk through their process for selling … anything. There’s lots to learn here this week, folks, and Dave and Paul are on fire with this one!

Then it’s time to answer a question about setlists, this time focused around managing the energy of the room… both while you’re playing and while you’re not.


  • 00:00:00 Gig Gab 148 – Monday, January 8, 2018
  • 00:00:57 Paul’s Booking Formula
  • 00:04:10 Looking at the summer
  • 00:07:08 Portraying comfortable confidence
  • 00:10:20 Booking bands at the Pro level
  • 00:12:45 If your band is great, it’s great. Other bookings are gravy.
  • 00:15:45 Be on alert when things are on autopilot
  • 00:16:38 Building trust with new booking contacts
  • 00:21:00 Leveraging the relationships of all your bandmembers
  • 00:25:01 The value of building community
  • 00:26:49 48 years?!?!?
  • 00:27:58 The value of brotherly-love
  • 00:28:25 Integrating someone new into your band
    • Getting ready for immediate gigs
  • 00:29:56 Learning the back catalog
  • 00:32:42 Adding new tunes, too!
    • Chart Check!
  • 00:36:34 Record your shows
  • 00:38:19 Dan-Driving the energy with your setlist and flow?
  • 00:40:53 The flow of the set
  • 00:41:39 Feel out the band
  • 00:45:58 Own your own destiny
  • 00:47:21 Make sure to warmup!
  • 00:49:32 Harness the energy
  • 00:50:44 But learn the energy first!
  • 00:52:11 Managing the breaks!
  • 00:54:24 Learn the way the room flow

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