Dave's View from behind The HouserockersIt finally happened: Dave and Paul played the gigs together that they’ve been discussing for the past few episodes. As always there are lessons that were learned, stories to tell, and sometimes both are about the same thing! Listen as these two weekend warriors share their shared weekend with all of you!


Chapters include:

00:00:00 GigGab 79

00:01:04 Big Ears

00:05:06 Beginning of the Trip

00:06:10 It all began with wine

00:10:58 Heading to the gig

00:17:59 Your sound is your style

00:20:36 Sorting out the time

00:23:04 Finding the groove

00:26:24 What is Hip?

00:34:17 Sunday – We (ain’t) Got The Power!

00:40:42 GG Outtro

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