hello, I am leaving my comfort zoneDespite the shorter-than-usual gap between episodes, both Paul and Dave found themselves in intimidating scenarios they had to deal with in the moment. Caring about what you do and how you do it is an important trait of being a musician, and sometimes that means external factors drive you to perform better… or worse! Listen to what your two favorite weekend warrior musicians went through this week and how they coped!


00:00:00 GigGab 81
00:01:06 Paul’s back… is back!
00:02:42 Gigs for the weekend
00:04:20 When not to pickup a pickup band
00:09:53 Trust the Universe. It speaks to you!
00:12:12 Monkey Fist… with Johnnie D the “Man Angel”
00:13:16 The building anticipation before you go on stage
00:20:32 The challenge of friendly competition
00:23:58 Dave’s second Bitter Pill rehearsal: Intimidation


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