mixer-at-partyWhat happens when you expect a dance crowd and get one that wants to listen intently? Every gig is different, and many times you don’t get to control the vibe of the room you walk into. The only thing you can do is control what you deliver from the stage, and sometimes that means adjusting on-the-fly. Hear your two favorite weekend warriors talk through some of the recent scenarios they’ve encountered and how they’ve learned to deal with it. But first, a question from listener Michael about setlist creation tools. Press play and enjoy!

Chapters and Timestamps:

00:00:00 GigGab 83
00:01:14 Of playing and learning “Fool In The Rain”
00:08:42 Michael-Set List Creation Tools?
00:16:59 Choosing an opening song
00:22:06 Vocal and instrumental warmups
00:23:46 On the subject of weddings…
00:30:23 Managing the Party Vibe
00:34:37 Wedding Stories … and Racist Firemen!
00:39:16 Don Henley knows how to build and deliver a setlist
00:47:25 The job of a party band

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