microphone-point-of-viewAnother crazy week for your two favorite working musicians means another episode chock full of stories and lessons learned. Dave just finished one theater show and loaded his drums in for another. The show he just finished had him and the rest of the “pit” band prominently on stage, so there were some interesting on-the-job lessons there. Paul played his first show in a new club in a new area, and that taught him a few things about building a new following (hint: elbow grease is only part of it, but it’s a big part!).

Paul and Dave spend the remainder of this week’s episode talking about bandmate availability. Part of that includes reasons (good and bad) why you might not make yourself available for gigs, and the other is just the nuts and bolts of putting together a process to efficiently share that information amongst your bandmates.

How do YOU keep things organized? Let us know!


00:00:00 GigGab 85 – October 10, 2016
00:01:08 Dave’s between shows
00:07:50 Sometimes you can’t build trust
00:08:46 Gone are the couches, back come the bands!
00:10:31 Building a following with elbow grease
00:19:44 Beware the Hassle Factor
00:22:42 Managing availability?

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