jerry-harvey-audio-jh16v2Jerry Harvey, founder of Ultimate Ears and JH Audio, joins your two favorite weekend warriors to talk in-ear monitors and more. Jerry has seen so much during his career that his advice likely outweighs his stories, and his stories are epic.

Today he offers tips on not only mixing your in-ears, but mixing drums and how to run a successful sound-check, as well. Plus, if you were ever curious about how to go about choosing a set of in-ear monitors, Jerry’s got more than a few things to help get you on your way.

The stories? Well, let’s just say that if you’re driving the right red car down the right street at the right time you might just get introduced to the future singer of Van Halen. Or perhaps hanging out in the right bar at the right time might get you introduced to the former singer of the same. Plus, a scoop on the new universal-fit line coming from JH Audio! Want more? Press play and enjoy the episode. We sure did!


00:00:00 GigGab 86 – October 17, 2016
00:01:39 Jerry Harvey
00:02:38 Hearing Loss leads to invention
00:03:42 Multiple drivers in each ear
00:05:37 Started as a roadie that wanted to mix
00:07:14 A red car can attract the right rock star
00:09:05 Dave invites Jerry to Eat ‘em and Smile
00:09:54 Don’t engage the egos!
00:10:49 A lesson on mixing drums from Alex Van Halen
00:15:57 Who doesn’t like IEMs?
00:18:43 Slash says JH Audio Roxanne IEMs made him a better player.
00:19:40 Hard to get the mix right
00:22:07 Advice for drummers
00:25:03 Proper sound check structure is key
00:27:05 Vulture Capital plus General Aviation leads to In-Ear Monitors again!
00:28:31 How to choose In-Ear Monitors
00:35:28 Find Jerry and the team at JH Audio
00:36:18 New Universal line coming from JH Audio!


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